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You’ve heard of No Shave November, and Dry January. But are you ready to commit to No Spend September?

What did you buy?!

If you spend a lot of money during the summer, it can quickly take its toll on your fall happiness. Did you spend your summer attending concerts and weddings? Did you go to the beach and splurge on a girl’s weekend? If you are afraid to look at your bank account balance then you probably know you have done some damage.

The Holidays

Before you know it, the holiday season has arrived and you don’t have anything left for your loved ones. No gifts for Mom and Dad. No special something for that special someone. If you are like me, it is not your fault. You don’t mean to feel like money is burning a hole in your pocket. So, what’s a girl to do? It’s not too late to turn your finances around. You can choose to be mindful now, so you do not have to pay the price later.

It’s not hard

Maybe you have to bump down from a Grande to a Tall Pumpkin Spice Latte. Perhaps it is time to pull out your fall clothes and take a look at what you have before you decide you really need that new cozy sweater you just saw while scrolling through Instagram. And, do you really need to go out for cocktails with the girls when a bottle of wine or two shared among friends is more intimate and cheaper?

Author’s Note: Bleh. That sounds horribly responsible. I think I’m allergic to responsibility.

There is a budgeting app that focuses on females called Financielle which recently shared on TikTok the idea of “No Spend September.” It’s an opportunity to reset your bank account after a summer of … too much fun. They have a few ideas for the “rules” you should follow but encourage you to come up with your own.

Here’s what they came up with:

  • 1. Find out what your problem areas are.

    What are your triggers? What entices you to spend money? Figure that out and avoid it or find a way to work around it. Maybe it’s feeling like you need everything you see on social media, or the impulse buys you make at Target, or just not being able to say no to a good deal you find. Know what you tend to spend on and where you want to cut back.

  • 2. Categorize your spending into “allowed” and “not allowed.”

    Some things you have to pay for every month; bills, rent, food, you get the idea. The “not allowed” category is the one that can trick you, but it should include all the stuff you want to avoid buying, like coffee drinks at your corner cafe, clothes, takeout meals and beauty products.

  • 3. Make a list and stick to it.

    Think about what you need to buy this month and put it on the list. But remember to ERASE the items you don’t need. And remember – just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you need it. Sometimes I get the same gratification from telling a friend about a great deal as I do from taking advantage of it myself. So, next time, call a friend!


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  • 4. Try hobbies that don't cost money.

    Read a book. Go for a hike. There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself without spending money, so why not challenge yourself to explore pastimes that are free, or that you can do with items you already own or can borrow? You don’t need to sit at home bored all month because you’re having a “no spend September,” you just need to be creative.


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