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Image shot during a music festival. Light comes from a stage with a band show, people silhouettes are visible in front of it.

I started playing this little game with my friends and coworkers so I thought it would be fun to bring it to XTU Nation! Here is my Dream Music Festival Lineup. Everyone is invited and tickets are FREE! It’s obviously going to be held here in Philly. (One can dream right).

  • Harry Styles

    There are not many people I love as much as Harry right now. Somehow he makes everything look and sound sexy. I’m obsessed.

    Harry Styles

  • Taylor Swift

    Taylor is the ultimate performer.  Plus she will give us country, pop, and everything in between!

    Report: Taylor Swift and Longtime Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Are Engaged

  • Rihanna with Special Guest Drake

    It’s been years since we had new music from Rihanna.  She’s now a mom with a massive business empire.  Who knows if we will ever hear new music from her again. She and Drake are the ultimate collaborators and couple (in my opinion).  I still have hope they will find their way back to each other. Ala Ben + Jlo!

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  • Luke Combs

    Every song he writes IS A SMASH!!!

    Luke Combs Will NOT Raise His Concert Tickets Prices

  • Beyonce with Special Guest Jay Z

    It’s Beyonce.  No explanation needed.


    Beyoncé, the former member of ‘90s girl group Destiny’s Child and successful solo artist, has won 22 Grammy Awards and 63 nominations. She and her husband rapper Jay-Z are parents to 6-year-old Blue Ivy Carter, who has already become an Instagram celebrity and casual art collector. She attends events with her parents and media outlets enjoy keeping an eye on her interactions with the power couple.