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On Iggles Wings with Sister Lisa & Sister Diane

Philadelphia is a Football town.  We all bleed green and live and die with every snap of the football.  This fandom usually starts early in life because your entire family are Birds fans and every Sunday, the game is always on.  You woke up every Sunday to everyone wearing Eagles jerseys, chanting the 6 letters we all know and love.


Well, this is no different in the convent.  Sister Lisa and Sister Diane are the Principal and Vice Principal of St. Joe’s catholic school in Downingtown, PA.  They both have been life-long Eagles fans and every Sunday, they put their Eagles gear on and cheer on the Birds.  You may be thinking that they are casual Eagles fans but you would be completely wrong.  Just like the rest of us Birds fans, they bleed green! They know what a screen pass is, they can diagnose a defense and call out the Mike linebacker and they know that Jalen Hurts is great when he is running a RPO offense.  If you don’t know what an RPO is, it’s a run-pass option.  Jalen would have the opportunity to hand the ball off to the running back, take the ball himself, and run it, or he can pass the ball to a receiver.  Jalen has to read what the defensive end is doing and once he does that, he makes his decision.

Sister Lisa and Sister Diane call into The Andie Summers Show before every Eagles game and give us the keys to the game.  The sisters talk about the Eagles opponent and break down what they do best and they break down the Eagles offense and defense.  They know every single player on every team and what their strengths and weaknesses are and will give their final score prediction as well. These ladies know what they are talking about!  Make sure you tune in to “On Iggles Wings” with Sister Lisa & Sister Diane on The Andie Summers Show before every Birds game.

  • Week 1 - Eagles vs. Patriots

    The sisters were excited for football to be back and they predicted the Eagles would come out on fire! Listen below for the sisters’ prediction!

    On Iggles Wings Week 1 Vs. New England Patriots
  • Week 2 - Eagles vs. Vikings

    The Sisters’ predicted another Eagles win against the Minnesota Vikings. Last year, the Eagles played and beat the Vikings… Let’s see if it happens again!

    On Iggles Wings – Week 2 Vs. Minnesota Vikings
  • Week 3 - Eagles vs. Buccaneers

    The sisters are really hyped for Jalen Hurts tonight. Even predicting that this will be his game! Listen to their excitement below.

    <iframe src=”” allow=”autoplay; clipboard-write” width=”100%” height=”180″ frameborder=”0″ title=”On Iggles Wings with Sister Diane & Sister Lisa (Week 3)”></iframe>


  • Week 4 - Eagles vs. Commanders

    The sisters both think the Birds roll all over the Commanders this week.  They predict a ton of sacks on Commanders quarterback Sam Howell.  Listen to their blowout predicitions below.


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