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Don’t be THAT parent. This teacher wants to make sure you’re not (see video below).

We all know that back to school time can be frustrating and stressful, even for parents. Maybe especially for parents. I know that I’m always a nervous wreck that my kids will be the ONLY ones with out EVERYTHING they need. I feel like my mom never cared that much, but they were different times.

There’s a teacher on TikTok who thought she’d help out parents like me – parents who want to be great parents to their kids and the best parents in the eyes of the teacher. Because, let’s face it, it’s all about what the teacher thinks of us, right?

So here is a list of DON’Ts you can follow to become the mom or dad your teacher appreciates:

  • Don’t call for a meeting ...

    … unless you specify what the meeting is about. As a teacher, you deal with all types of parents, so even if you’re the perfect mom or dad who just happens to be concerned about something small, asking for that meeting without specification can put a teacher on the defensive.

  • Don't try to be friends.

    I’m sure you’re a lovely person, but just because your child is in your teacher’s class doesn’t mean your relationship needs to go beyond professional acquaintances. And don’t take offense to that. You don’t need to be friends with everyone in your life. You can be friendly, but you don’t need to drink wine together.

  • Don't believe your kids ...

    … without hearing-out the teacher first! If you have littles, you’ve probably noticed that parenting has changed over the years; while my parents wouldn’t even listen to my excuse, today’s parents tend to not give the teachers a chance to explain. Take a breath and get all the information before you react.

  • Don't send that email!

    Think before you shoot off an email to the teacher about something and think about whether or not it’s actually something he or she NEEDS to know.  Our teachers are inundated with information about every kid in their class; and while your child is obviously the most important, your teacher doesn’t need to know everything from you. Trust that he or she will help your child be an advocate for themselves.

  • No More Mugs!

    When it’s time for gift-giving, leave the cliche mugs on the shelf. It’s not original, you’re not the only one to see it, buy it, and gift it, so it’s really just a waste of money for you and your teacher’s heart will break a little – as will his/her shelf. Instead, try a gift card for Wawa or Dunkin or Amazon.

  • Here's the video!

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