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I thought this would be a fun exercise to do.  Select the best player to ever wear that number for the Eagles.  Check out my edition of #’s 1-10.  Remember, I was born in 1985 so I may have a recent bias about players and of course those players that brought home the first ever Super Bowl to Philly.

Let’s take a look at 11-20.

  • #11 - Norm Van Brocklin

    I’m not sure why his jersey isn’t retired but oh well.  Norm Van Brocklin led the Eagles to a championship in 1960 over Vince Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers. Carson Wentz had a shot at being the greatest #11 but we all know how that ended.  I still have a soft spot for Carson because of his lights out play in 2017 and helping the Birds win a Super Bowl.  Also, newly acquired received AJ Brown dons the #11.  So far, so good.  Keep it going AJ.


  • #12 - Randall Cunningham

    This required no research.  “The Ultimate Weapon” a.k.a. “Starship 12” a.k.a. “Rocketman” is one of the most beloved Eagles of all time and one of the greatest athletes the NFL has ever seen.  Before McNabb, Michael Vick, Steve Young, Cam Newton, & Lamar Jackson… There was Randall! I still believe if he didn’t tear his ACL in 91, the Eagles win the Super Bowl.


  • #13 - Nelson Agholor

    Who else can I put here? Travis Fulgham?  He did have an amazing 4 games a couple years back.  Josh Huff?  Yeah, right?

    With all his faults, he still was very clutch in the Super Bowl.  The lack of Eagles who wore #13 is crazy that it has to go to Agholor.


  • #14 - A.J. Feeley

    You gotta give it up to AJ for what he did in 2002 as the 3rd string QB.  The Eagles had Super Bowl aspirations in 2002 then McNabb got hurt.  Then, backup qb Koy Detmer got hurt against the 49ers.  The Eagles were 8-3 and now the season relied on 3rd string QB AJ Feeley.  He won the last 4 games of the season and the Birds were the #1 seed heading into the playoffs.  Thank you AJ!


  • #15 - Steve Van Buren

    This is a unanimous choice for a guy who won two NFL Championships with the Eagles, six First-team All-Pro nods,  and four NFL rushing titles. He also led the NFL in rushing touchdowns four times and his #15 is retired by the organization.

    Steve Van Buren

  • #16 - Norm Snead

    I did not see him play so I can only look at stats and he was a heck of a quarterback.  He was selected to a Pro Bowl during his stint with the Birds.

    Norm Snead

  • #17 - Harold Carmichael

    He is arguably one of the greatest receivers the Eagles ever had.  The guy was super tall and could catch everything.  His stats and awards and honors make the perfect choice.  He was just named to the Hall of Fame in 2020.

    Harold Carmichael

  • #18 - Jeremy Maclin

    Maclin was never the breakout player we thought he would be but he was still very solid with the Birds.  Maclin and Desean Jackson were great receiving duo and we haven’t had a good duo until now with Devonta Smith & AJ Brown.


  • #19 - Tom Dempsey

    Not many come to mind when you think of the #19 on the Eagles.  Tom Dempsey kicked for the birds in the 70’s and was pretty reliable.  He is more known for being a New Orleans Saint but we will claim him for this poll. Golden Tate had a great career but not with the Eagles, Miles Austin had some great seasons with Dallas but not with the Eagles.

    Tom Dempsey


  • #20 - Brian Dawkins

    He could be the greatest Eagle of all-time, well at least one of them.  Of course you have Reggie White so he may take the #2 spot.  Weapon X was the leader of the Eagles defense for the greatest era in Eagles history.  He was known for his pre-game antics, his spirituality, and his intensity.  Everyone in Philly loves Brian Dawkins and this was a no-brainer.

    Brian Dawkins