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A YouTube channel, Mythical Kitchen, featured Jason Kelce on an episode of a series called Last Meals. He chose a few “Philly Things” we’d like to highlight.

Last Meals is a series in which prolific people (e.g. Tom Hanks, Post Malone, and John Boyega) decide what they would eat for their hypothetical “last meal.” Then, Mythical Chef Josh takes to the kitchen (or the store) to create a multi-course meal to bid a fictional farewell to the celebrity guest. As they eat, Chef Josh asks the guests questions about things they have going on currently, as well as hypotheticals about death and dying.

The show had Jason Kelce on as a guest promoting his podcast with his brother, Travis Kelce, New Heights.

Kelce requested a variety of food items for his last meal. Some highlights of his meal include a PB & J, beans with hotdogs and Skyline Chili dip. He’s a normal guy that likes normal food. Our favorite parts of the episode, though, are when he breaks out the Philadelphia foods. He has totally embraced the city and its lifestyle, and we could not be any more here for it.

He’s a family man who is down to Earth and kind to all. This was a genuine delight to watch. The video, about a traditionally morbid subject, feels light and fun. Kelce reminisces on childhood memories and has a lot of lovely things to say about Philly and his wife, Kylie. it was a delight to watch him dig into his hypothetical “last meal” on the show.

Here are the Philadelphia things Jason Kelce included in his “Last Meal”:

  • Dalessandro's Cheesesteak


    The team at Mythical Kitchen had the cheesesteak delivered on dry ice so as to preserve it for its long journey. They heated it up to the best of their ability for Jason and Chef Josh to enjoy. Jason Kelce told Chef Josh that he used to be a big Tony Luke’s fan, as that is the shop closest to the stadium in South Philly. That was, until he met his wife and moved out to Delco. She introduced him to the world of Dalessandro’s, and the rest is history.

  • Stock's Pound Cake

    Being from Ohio originally, you wouldn’t think Jason would even know what Stock’s Bakery is, let alone how magical their pound cake is. Again, though, he has his wife, Kylie Kelce to thank. He loved the pound cake so much, he had to include it in his “last meal.”

  • Swiacki Meats

    If you know, you know. Swiacki Meats is a Polish Phialdelphia tradition that dates back to 1953. Jason Kelce’s father-in-law introduced him to the magic of the Kabonosy from Swiacki. He featured that in a variety of flavors in this multi-course meal.

  • Watch Jason Kelce's Last Meal

    If you want to see the full episode, here it is! He makes loads of mentions of Delco, Philly foods, and shares some heartfelt sentiments. It’s a really pleasant video about a rather morbid subject.

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