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See my photos from his memorial as well as some of my favorite Geator interviews and you can watch the funeral mass below …

We lost a legend in January. The Geator with the Heater, the Big Boss with the Hot Sauce, a DJ, television host, concert promoter, store and club owner, larger than life personality Jerry Blavat died at the ripe age of 82. But as I look back at his life, his career, I have a hard time believing he packed so much into just 82 years.

I’m too young to remember The Geator in his prime, but as a radio professional I appreciate and admire his longevity and what he did for his fan base. I attended Blavat’s funeral mass at The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia and heard time and time again that this was a man who made people happy. What a beautiful legacy.

As I was walking into the cathedral, there were fans of The Geator laying flowers at his temporary memorial and watching videos of him on the large screens on the sidewalk. I couldn’t help but watch their faces smiling, hands clutched at their hearts, and watching in awe of this man who brought them so much joy.

I didn’t know Jerry Blavat. We may have met at an event or two in Philadelphia. We weren’t friends. But I had to go to the funeral. I had to be there, among the masses, to honor and pay tribute to a man who brought music, dancing, and happiness to those who knew him.

Life goals. Thank you, Jerry Blavat.

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  • Jim Gardner @ Jerry Blavat's Memorial Mass

    Jim Gardner @ Jerry Blavat's Memorial Mass

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    Dionne Warwick @ Jerry Blavat's Memorial Mass

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