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A mathematician in the U.K. has come up with a morning routine that’s supposed to be mathematically proven to improve your day. Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon, head of the British Science Association, created her scientific formula for the best way to start your day after analyzing a survey of 2-thousand people about the optimal morning schedule.

The poll finds that the ideal time to wake up is 6:44am, then get out of bed at 7:12am, followed by a 10-minute shower, 18 minutes to eat breakfast and then 21 minutes to exercise. To find out if your morning routine is optimal, Dr. Imafidon’s formula advises:



  • - Doubling the amount of time for eating breakfast, then adding the number of minutes you spend showering and exercising.

  • - Next, subtract how long you slept from the recommended eight hours. Then, calculate the difference in hours between when you got out of bed and 7:12am.

  • - Divide the time spent eating, showering and working out by the sum of the sleeping and getting up times.

  • - Next, add together the number of minutes spent doing other morning activities, like getting ready or reading the news.

  • - And finally, divide that number by two to get a number that is the ideal length of time you should be spending on your morning routine.

  • - If the number is more than 37, you’ll get out on the “right” side of bed.

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