The Andie Summers Show

May is “National Pet Month” (shouldn’t EVERY month be National Pet Month???)! We take a look at some heartwarming stories of how rescue pets have changed their new human’s lives. If you have a rescue pet of your very own, you already know that the pet often rescues you, just as much as you rescue them 🙂

Enjoy looking at their pics and reading their stories, try to keep your heart from exploding with joy…

  • Ruth Barker Ginsburg

    dog 1
    “This is Ruthie B, short for Ruth Barker Ginsburg, aka Ruth the Tooth. I came across her photo on a pet adoption website and fell in love. She is a tiny thief who loves to steal random objects from all around the house and run off with them. She is also very empathetic and knows when I’m feeling down and comes and lays with me to soothe me. She brings constant joy into my life with her smiley little underbite.”
  • Tali & Tater

    dog 2
    “My girls were adopted about a year and a half apart and both have brought so much goodness to my life! Tali (Australian Cattle Dog + Rat Terrier) has taught me to be more patient, which I’m not naturally, because she has all the energy of both breeds, and I’m convinced she has ADHD, too. Tater (brindle Pit girl) teaches me daily about loving completely and without reservation even though I know my time with her will end far too early. She has a severe heart condition and despite having a lot of restrictions and special health needs, she is truly the happiest and most joyful dog I’ve ever known. Both girls were abused in their past lives and trust me without question and that alone reminds me to be the kind person they see me as every day.”
  • Porkchop

    “I bought Porkchop from a friend for my ex boyfriend 13 years ago. He turned out to be an abusive guy and Porky protected me. He saved me more than he will ever realize. He gave me a reason to continue on and to break free. I made sure when I fled, he came with me. When I met my current husband, I told him if Po doesn’t like him, we wouldn’t continue on. Thankfully, we got 5 wonderful years as a family before he passed from cancer. I just hope he knows how much he meant to me and how he quite literally saved my life.”
  • Peggy Sue

    dog 4
    “We rescued our girl, Peggy Sue, from the Chinese meat market in Jan 2022. She was SKIN AND BONES when we got her. She was literally going to be dinner. She is the best thing that’s happened to us. She makes us laugh and smile every day, and showers us with unconditional love. I’d be lost without her.”

    dog 5
    “This is Rusty taking a ride with me. He came to my family when my teenage cousin tragically died in a car accident as he waited to turn onto his home street. Rusty couldn’t understand why his boy didn’t come back for him that day. In the weeks after my cousin’s passing, Rusty sat in their empty room and howled in grief. My mom told me of his situation and I knew he needed us as much as we needed him. It has been several years and Rusty is an old man now, but my family tries our best to make his days fun and full of love. He is the smartest dog I’ve ever had the honor of calling a friend, and his watchful and compassionate nature shows a heart and soul who truly cares about us, too…”
  • Odin

    dog 6
    “Friends of ours run a rescue in Canada. During the height of the fires in California in 2020, they were in contact with a shelter there that likely would have to evacuate, and they had made the decision to euthanize many of the dogs. The rescue here drove to California and brought 10 of the dogs back. After almost adopting a different dog (who immediately was adopted to the home of his dreams with children!), we were very lucky to meet Odin. We fell in love immediately. It was a learning curve at first for all of us because he had lived on the streets for most of his life, and he was now living in a house. We have spent the last two years learning from each other, and we couldn’t imagine our lives without him…”
  • Lola Lou

    dog 7
    “My Lola Lou, some sort of rat terrier mix from the humane society. She found me in 2012; They figured at that time she was about five. She is my best friend, she is the best little mama with her obsessive licking, aka kisses. She has had a lot of health issues in the past and was abused before we got her. Just like me but in a little dog…”
  • Thomas

    dog 8

    “I was in an abusive relationship, more psychological than physical, but Thomas gave me the love and courage to leave. He is a rescue and my first pet alone. A lot of work, but tons of love. We’ve been together for six years. He’s my best friend.”
  • Bonita

    dog 9

    “This is Bonita. I had just moved to Mexico after a decade of traveling. I had a dog-friendly house and wanted a reason to just be a homebody for a few years. I adopted her from a no-kill refuge. She was rescued by them at one year old and I adopted her at 11 years old! She had never lived with a human before. I had never had a dog. We figured it out together. It’s been four years and you would never guess she’s nearly 16 years old. She is sweet and funny and gentle. I am very lucky to have found her.”
  • Bucky

    dog 10

    “This is my pup, Bucky! My husband and I were engaged, set to be married in June of 2020. The weekend after lockdown began, not only was our wedding up in the air, but my grandmother, who I was extremely close to, passed away unexpectedly. With my dream wedding becoming a nightmare, plus grief over my grandmother, I fell into a fairly deep depression. So, one day as an idea to help me, my then-fiance suggested we adopt a puppy. We looked around, but every shelter was empty since everyone was stuck at home. Eventually, a girl my then-fiance knew growing up posted that she was fostering this puppy who needed a home. As soon as he cuddled up to me, my heart began to heal from all the pain of the previous months. Having Bucky in my life really drew me out of my depression and helped me push through that difficult time. We adopted him, had him at our (MUCH smaller-than-planned-but-still-wonderful) wedding, and he’s been my best friend ever since!”


  • Nula, Cole, Chunk

    dog 11

    “Nula: husky. Was found tied to a pole on an inner city road. Super skinny and had a broken tooth. Best lady anyone could dream of having. Cole: Newfie mix. Taken in as an unwanted pup. Most loving thing imaginable. Chunk: barn kitten, an absolute smoosh. Thinks Cole is his mama. They absolutely complete us.”
  • Rev

    dog 12

    “I got Rev during my last semester of college with my now ex. Not only has he eased my anxiety and depression, but he was there for me during the worst of my active alcoholism. Thankfully, I’m now 2+ years sober and Rev has continued to help me grow as a person and stay active. I call him my angel baby because, as cheesy as it is, I rescued him but he saved me.”

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