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It must be an honor to have Shania Twain sing about how much you don’t “impress her.” That’s precisely how Ryan Reynolds felt last night at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards during her performance of That Don’t Impress Me Much when she shouted him out. The Deadpool star was struck when he heard his name. So much so that he says, “Oh me?” as if there was another Ryan Reynolds she could be referring to.

Before accepting the award for Music Icon of the Year, Shania performed a medley of her most popular songs, including, Any Man of Mine, Man! I Feel Like A Woman, and her newest song, Waking Up Dreaming.

Shania talked about her mother in her speech…

 “It’s always my wish to inspire people with my music. I always miss my mother at these moments in my life. She would have loved watching her little girl living this moment right now. But my fans, my friends, my team — you are the ones who really fill that space… not my mother’s space. But you’re here with me, you’re celebrating, we’re celebrating together, and you’ve made me feel loved and special my whole working life. I’ll always be grateful for that.”


Shania’s sixth studio album “Queen of Me” will be released on Feb. 3rd.