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Who eats gas station brownies?

Who can’t name even one of the seven dwarves?

Who chooses squirrels over llamas?

The Summers’ Seven is the lightning round to end all lightning rounds. This is how you really get to know an artist. Don’t give them time to think; just ask something personal when they’re least expecting it. Like the age old question, Toilet paper – over the top or from behind?

I’m Andie Summers in Frisco, Texas for the ACM Award Show and I had a chance to sit down with your favorite country artists. And yeah. It got real. I asked the hard hitting questions and the answers we got will blow your mind. Some of them are silly. Some of them are surprising. And some of the responses will warm your heart and make you want to watch it all over again.

Check out the videos below and click here to see all the interviews from the ACMs.

  • Jelly Roll

    Jelly Roll is a cake guy, enjoys small dogs, and has a pretty awesome Taco Bell order.

  • Gabby Barrett

    Gabby Barrett believes in love at first sight and her pick for naming one of the seven dwarfs will have you laughing.

  • Dylan Schneider

    Dylan Schneider prefers talking, enjoys Halloween, and is also known as dill pickle.

  • Corey Kent

    Corey Kent’s first celebrity crush is Jennifer Aniston and enjoys a good taco after drinking.

  • War & Treaty

    The War & Treaty’s favorite carnival foods are funnel cake and cotton candy and they unfortunately have tasted soap.

  • Priscilla Block

    Priscilla Block’s favorite junk food is pizza and her favorite Halloween costume was when her and her band went as The Chicks.

  • Kimberly Perry

    Kimberly Perry calls her grandmother Mimi and she may or may not have taken a piece of candy from the candy store when she was little.

  • Hannah Ellis

    Hannah Ellis’ first celebrity crush was Brad Pitt and she only snores when she is sick.

  • Matt Stell

    Matt Stell likes his coffee black and he taught us the proper way to wear a neck pillow.

  • Jo Dee Messina

    Jo Dee Messina puts her toilet paper over the top and likes a good funnel cake.

  • Ian Munsick

    Ian Munsick does a great seal impression and if asked, he would not go to space.

  • Erin Kinsey

    Erin Kinsey believes in love at first sight and thinks people need people they love to be happy.

  • Chase Matthew

    Chase Matthew likes to put chocolate in his coffee and his most embarrassing Amazon purchase will have you cracking up.

  • Hailey Whitters

    Hailey Whitters does not snore, would pick Ariel over Jasmine, and loves a flaming hot cheeto.

  • Jordan Davis

    Jordan Davis calls his grandmothers Granny and Nanaw and he has never sent food back.

  • Lainey Wilson

    Lainey Wilson needs faith and family to be happy and drives a Ram truck.


    Ernest likes to drink his coffee black and prefers refried beans over black beans.

  • Josh Ross

    Josh Ross would rather grow 50% more hair than lose all his hair and has watched TV for 12 hours in one day.

  • Tigirlily Gold

    Tigirlily Gold haven’t seen Godfather or Star Wars and would pick cake over pie.

  • Breland

    Breland would set a spider free if he found one in his house and says Philly is his favorite city.

  • Carly Pearce

    Carly Pearce does not own a bicycle and calls her grandmother Mamaw.

  • Chase Rice

    Chase Rice likes his coffee black and his mom and dad inspire him.

  • Chayce Beckham

    Chayce Beckham believes in love at first sight and thinks a person needs family to be happy.

  • Cole Swindell

    Cole Swindell does not own a bicycle and calls his grandmother bom bom.

  • Dylan Scott

    Dylan Scott likes his coffee with a little cream and doesn’t use a neck pillow when he flys.

  • Hardy

    Hardy believes in love at first sight, thinks a person needs a relationship with someone to be happy, and the word fart makes him giggle.

  • Jackson Dean

    Jackson Dean’s first celebrity crush was Angelina Jolie and he only snores on the inhale.

  • Jon Pardi

    Jon Pardi likes his coffee black and his wife Summer inspires him.

  • MacKenzie Porter

    MacKenzie Porter’s favorite carnival food is a corn dog and has tasted soap when she was younger after saying a bad word.

  • Nate Smith

    Nate Smith’s first celebrity crush was Topanga from Boy Meets World and loves gummy bears and double stuffed oreos.

  • Parker McCollum

    Parker McCollum thinks dogs are people and has watched 24 hours of TV in one day.

  • Ashley McBryde

    Ashley McBryde likes a Wendy’s Junior cheeseburger and her middle name is Diane.

  • Bailey Zimmerman

    Bailey Zimmerman puts his toilet paper from behind instead of over the top and has recently been into blueberry muffins.

  • Caitlyn Smith

    Caitlyn Smith says we don’t deserve dogs and does a pretty good seal impression.

  • Dustin Lynch

    Dustin Lynch believes in love at first sight and you’ll giggle too at the word that makes him giggle.

  • Frank Ray

    Frank Ray believes in love at first sight and chuckle makes him giggle.

  • MaRynn Taylor

    MaRynn Taylor’s parents use to call her goose, her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, and she gave herself a 2 out of 10 when it comes to being a good driver.