Social Media Day (6/30) was launched in 2010, and at that time, MySpace was king. Taylor Swift, who was just three years into her incredible carer as a country singer, communicated with her fan through Myspace. We have come a long way since then, as today, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat are all powerful platforms and the future will surely introduce new social media apps.

Country stars have been a fixture on social media since the beginning, with every country star having a presence on Facebook. Most of them still have Facebook accounts but only Garth Brooks launches big things on the social media giant, like his weekly Studio G chat with fans via his Facebook page.

After Facebook, country music’s finest moved over to Twitter as Carrie Underwood launched her Twitter account in February of 2012, announcing to her following, “Hello Twitter world!”

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Mashable created Social Media Day to recognize the impact social media has had on communications around the world. Mashable, established in 2005 by Pete Cashmore and is headquartered in New York, is an authoritative site covering all things social media. In honor of Social Media Day today (6/30), we have gathered what we believe are the ten most entertaining and informative Instagram accounts from country music’s finest.

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  • Bailey Zimmerman - 936,000 Instagram followers

    This newcomer is energetic and bounces around the stage like the Energizer Bunny, and it shows on his social media accounts. While he came to the attention of Nashville executives through his songs and antics on TikTok, Bailey’s Instagram account is just as fun as Bailey shares exciting moments in his life on stage and career as a 23-year-old budding country star.

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  • Jelly Roll - 1.4 Million Instagram followers

    It’s easy to love Jelly Roll, and his Instagram account shows all the excitement of his star rising in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Jelly will post almost anything on Instagram, and his posts are often laced with many swear words; it is also full of Jelly’s wisdom. His Instagram may be rated for MATURE audiences, but it is one of the most interesting ones to follow.

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  • Shania Twain - 2.2 Million Instagram followers

    Shania doesn’t miss a beat on Instagram. Along with her outfit choice posts for showtime, she also shares a lot of fans’ reactions and dance moves to her latest music and her recent comeback and “Queen Of Me Tour.” Even die-hard Shania fans can learn a thing or two daily in her personal and fun video clip posts.

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  • Tim McGraw - 3.4 Million Instagram followers

    Tim is always sharing new music and movie and TV show news on his Instagram. He also posts video clips from recent and vintage interviews. As a bonus, McGraw often posts stuff just for fun, like throwing a football through a hole to show off his football skills, his love for baseball and sports in general, and much more.

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  • Carrie Underwood - 12.7 Million Instagram followers

    Carrie keeps all her Instagram followers up to date on music, tour, and her current Las Vegas shows. She also shares personal moments in her life with her family and upgrades on her garden that she is so proud of.

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  • Luke Bryan - 6.5 Million Instagram followers

    Luke is a fun-loving family man, and it shows on his Instagram as he is constantly posting family stuff, including fishing moments with his sons and nephew. As a bonus, during Christmas, Bryan posts a lot about his family’s annual “Prankmas” antics with his hilarious wife, Caroline, and mother, LeClaire.

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  • Thomas Rhett - 4.7 Million Instagram followers

    Thomas Rhett has a full and wonderful family life at home with a wife (his childhood sweetheart Lauren) and their four daughters. Thomas shares many fun family posts and lately has been doing hilarious interviews with his wife about just how little she knows about his music career.

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  • Miranda Lambert - 4.8 Million Instagram followers

    Miranda lets fans in on a lot in her personal life, often sharing vacation images and award show nights backstage of herself and her husband, Brendan. Lambert is also always showing off her farm and animal community at her Tennessee home, which houses many dogs, cats, and horses.

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  • Kelsea Ballerini - 3.7 Million Instagram followers

    When you follow Kelsea on Instagram, you feel like you really know her because she shares a ton of stuff daily on Instagram, including career moments, fun personal moments with friends, her boyfriend, actor Chase Stokes and more. Ballerini also expresses her emotions and thoughts on life on Instagram and often posts “photo dumps” of “life lately.” Watching her beloved dog Dibbs grow up right before your eyes is also fun.

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  • Blake Shelton - 6.3 Million Instagram followers

    Someone with the personality of Blake Shelton was made for social media, and he showed that right out of the gate when social media started to catch on. Nowadays, Blake admits that he doesn’t do all his own social posts on Instagram, but he does do the ones where he proudly shows off the things he and his wife, Gwen Stefani, are growing on their Oklahoma farm. Shelton is downright infectious to watch in the videos where he praises his farm equipment and sings about his homegrown corn.

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