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2021 was a crazy year for all of us!

It was also a crazy year for Andie Summers who seemed to have a ton of encounters with different kinds of animals… Mice, dogs, deer, birds, eagles, hamsters… You name it, she probably had an encounter.

Check out some of our favorites…

  • Andie's Bird Encounter

    Andie faced her biggest fear yesterday- BIRDS!

    Andie, Dave and Kara visited the Elmwood Park Zoo yesterday where Andie came into contact with THREE different birds!

    She tells us all about her frightening experience.

  • Andie's Bird Encounter - Before The Encounter

    Andie is about to face her biggest fear- BIRDS!

    Andie, Dave and Kara are heading over to the Elmwood Park Zoo today where Andie will visit THREE different bird encounters.

    Listeners call in to share their frightening experiences.

    Will Andie be able to concur her fear and participate in the interactions?

  • Andie's Spider Encounter - We Think It Was A Spider

    Andie was in her garage yesterday when she found a little surprise visitor.

    Listeners call in to guess what creature she saw.

  • Andie's Mouse Encounter

    Andie’s family is being completely outsmarted by a mouse living in her house.

    Andie has put up multiple traps around her house but they are not working. The mouse is somehow eating all the peanut butter off the traps without getting stuck in them.

    Listeners call in to give advice on how to help with her mouse situation.

  • Andie's Cicada Encounter - The Andie Summers Show eats cicadas!

    Yes, you read that right… Andie, Dave, and Donnie play a game of chocolate covered cicada roulette. Yikes!

  • Andie's Dog Encounter - Andie Adopts A Dog!!

    The Andie Summers Show is so happy to hear that Andie added a furry edition to the Summers’ household!

    Bob Ross, yes that is the pup’s name, was rescued yesterday. He slept in Tori’s room last night and Andie is dying to know how he did overnight.

  • Andie's Hamster Encounter - The Hamster Eulogy

    Andie’s beloved family hamster, Marquis de Lafayette passed away Sunday night.

    To pay tribute, she created a beautiful and heartfelt Eulogy.