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The Andie Summers Show "Weather Kid"

The Andie Summers Show Weather Kid is back!

The Magic of Radio

Hey, there! Andie Summers, here.

Imaging this. You are in the car with your kiddos and one of them asks:

How do the voices come out of that little box? Are there people on our radio?

That’s something I always used to wonder about. My parents never really had a good answer for me other than, “It’s the magic of radio.” I guess that answer served me well since my job as a morning show personality on the best radio station in the world has kept my family fed and clothed for a quarter of a century now.

Over the past 25 years, I have run into countless parents of Weather Kids … and Weather Kids who are now parents! And I always find it amazing that the kids get older, yet I stay the same age …

Be a Weather Kid

Get ready to blow your kids’ minds and make them the coolest, most famous kid at school! All you have to do is sign them up to be the Andie Summers Show Weather Kid. It’s really easy. Just make sure your kiddo is up early enough to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed around 7am on a Friday morning. The members of The Andie Summers Show will chat with you to confirm all of your information, and then we’ll talk to your child. We might ask about school, interests, and love life :). You know, the usual cute kid stuff. Then we’ll tell your child what to say to report the weather. It’s all recorded and will be edited to make everyone sound their best. We’ll play your child back at 7:10, 8:10, and 9:10. So, if you’re chosen, make sure to tell your friends and family to listen!!!

Register below and your child could be the official Andie Summers Show Weather Kid. Weather Kids are heard on  The Andie Summers Show every Friday at 7:10am and 8:10am. We will also post audio the podcast of our conversation right here, so you can share it with your friends and family.

  • Weather Kid Paul from Woodbury, NJ 10.27.23

    It’s time for the weather! Listen to 5th grader, Paul, from Woodbury, New Jersey deliver our weekend forecast!

  • Andrew, Patrick & Michaeleen 10.13.23

    It’s time for the weather! Listen to siblings, Andrew (9 years old), Patrick (8 years old), and Michaeleen (6 years) give our weekend forecast!

  • Register Below For Your Chance To Become The Andie Summers Show Weather Kid

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    Listen to every “Weather Kid” from September below.

    The Andie Summers Show “Weather Kid”

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