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This weekend was a weekend for the ages.  The Andie Summers was together all day on Saturday at The TidalWave Fest in Atlantic City. TidalWave Fest was a complete hit starting on Friday with Riley Green and Luke Bryan and wrapping it up with Chase Rice and Dierks Bentley.

The Andie Summers Show broadcasted live from the concert and even got to interview some of the performers. Check out our weekend pics from the TidalWave Fest.


  • Andie's TidalWave Fest experience

    Had a complete blast at TidalWave Fest 2022!


    The Andie Summers Show enjoying Hardy!

    Jeff and I got to talk with Hardy before he took the stage.

    Posing with Hardy backstage!

    Jeff, Shannon, and I ready for Hardy to take the stage!

    We got to hang out with Lindsay Ell after her set.

    Look how relaxed Lindsay Ell is.  She is a such an amazing performer and even better person!

    Jeff and I watching Hardy rock the stage!

    Elvie Shane talking with The Andie Summers Show before he takes the TidalWave stage.

    Broadcasting live from the Atlantic City beach.

    Posing with Elvie Shane

    Check out Elvie Shane’s brand new tattoo.


  • Jeff's TidalWave Fest experience

    Before my wife and I made the trek to Atlantic City, we took in the Eagles preseason opener on Friday.


    We made it to Atlantic City for TidalWave Fest!  A few of our friends also made the trip down to AC to watch the show!

    Tidal Wave

  • Donnie's TidalWave Fest experience

    What can I say about TidalWave Fest?  This was one of the most fun times I have ever had in my entire life.  My wife and I went down on Thursday night to hang in Atlantic City so we could wake up early Friday morning and start setting up XTU’s 2 broadcast locations.  Below is a recap of my weekend at TidalWave!


    We got to see Hardy’s entrance and it was unbelievably loud

    Tidal 1

    Watching Luke Bryan from a side platform.

    The crowd erupted when Morgan Wallen hit the stage.

    Shy Carter rocks the Next From Nashville stage.  This guy has amazing stage presence and really engages with the crowd.

    My wife said this is the best view of Luke Bryan.  I had no words.

    Hanging with the wife while Morgan Wallen slays the stage!

    I found the best dressed man in Atlantic City.  Big fan of pro wrestling and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    Me and one of our amazing XTU Crew Members Brylin just chillin’ on a hot summer day.

    My wife got to hang with Hardy backstage

    Hardy crushed his set!

    Luke Bryan being Luke Bryan.  That means he’s being awesome!

    My wife and I got to hang backstage with Seaforth while Morgan Wallen was on stage. Super cool!

    Luke Bryan puts on a heck of a show.  You can’t stop dancing!

    Got to see Hardy performance up close and personal!

    Watching Morgan Wallen from a side platform

    I got to broadcast live on Friday from the beach in Atlantic City for TidalWave Fest Day 1

    Morgan Wallen hits the stage!

    We got to watch Luke Bryan’s performance backstage!

    Tracy Lawrence knows how to get a crowd fired up!

    Filmore does a surprise performance at the Rock The Ocean tent!

  • Shannon's TidalWave Fest experience

    This was my first country music festival and it was AWESOME! After Andie Summers’ and Jeff Kurkjian’s interview with Elvie Shane and HARDY, they was kind enough to take pictures with the rest of the XTU team.

    Elvie Shane
    (Disclaimer: The drink in HARDY’s hand is called Liquid Death and it’s a brand of water.)