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You come here to find out more about your favorite show’s doing! We all kept busy over the weekend, Andie traveling to the lake, Jeff was down the shore and Donnie was on the couch!


  • Ice Cream For Dinner With Andie??

    Another trip to the lake with some amazing friends…


    Followed by ICE CREAM FOR DINNER!

    Summers Family

  • Jeff Kurkjian Plays In Golf Tournament

    I was raised in Montgomery County, Maryland, and every single summer we all return for the “Jones Lane Invitational” named after our elementary school. Now, this has no official affiliation with the school, it’s just a good name.  We lost by six strokes…

    Mark, Tim and JeffBut also, on Friday night, he was in Sweetwater, New Jersey, having some fun giving away Tidal Wave tickets.


  • Donnie Does Some Streaming

    We watched a documentary on Netflix about Woodstock 99.  It was an absolute train-wreck of a festival but it’s must-see!
    Also, I have heard about the movie Hustle starring Adam Sandler for months.  Being a Philly sports fan especially a Sixers fan, this movie is a love story to Philly basketball and Adam Sandler puts on a masterful performance.
    Last night my wife and I started an Amazon Prime series called “The Terminal List” starring Chris Pratt.  We are thru 3 episodes and we are on the edge of our seats.  So far, so good!