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Every time I go to Nashville, I’m privileged to experience Live Music. I just took in some very talented professionals sit in and play at Bobby’s Idle Hour in its current location on music row.

It’s a small neighborhood bar lined with candid photographs of artists who’ve performed at the club over its many decades. Household names such as Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Barbara Mandrell, and others who were not so well known that have graced the stage over its history. Songwriters who share ideas and give their craft an audience.

Bobby’s in its third location, hosted radio professionals this week to hear music from Jake Owen and others who performed a song or two in the middle of a late summer afternoon. Jake talked about how places like Bobby’s allow the artist to work on their craft and leave out a tip jar for patrons to show their appreciation. Many times, it was all the pay they got. Jake recalled lessons learned from playing classic country music for hard core country fans in Music City USA. He played a new song called “Up There Down Here” and “One by One”.

He also recalled the vibe of the live music venues like Bobby’s where songwriters played songs that taught life lessons like the songs from Merle Haggard and Hank Williams Jr.

Jake Owen covers Hank Williams Jr’s “The Blues Man”


And How Hank Jr. tired of being labeled a cover artist for his daddy Hank, moved to Alabama to find his voice and recover from a fall off of a mountain in Montana in 1975.

Jake Owen covers “Feeling Better”


The afternoon also featured Hardy singing his new song “Wait In The Truck” which he said was the first he played it on acoustic guitar solo. He also featured “Give Heaven Some Hell”.

Ashley Cooke jumped up and performed a few songs as did Hailey Whitters.

Bobby’s Idle Hour is a place off the popular tourist locations on Lower Broadway.

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