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CINCINNATI, OH - JULY 7: Storm clouds blanket the sky over Great American Ball Park as Starlin Castro #13 of the Chicago Cubs fields a ground ball in the fifth inning against the Cincinnati Reds as on July 7, 2014 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati defeated Chicago 9-3. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

Is Jeff Kurkjian a baseball movie expert? Well he came from a baseball family so we are going to go with “YES!” His Top 10 Baseball Movies list is not the end all be all list but hopefully you find some room to enjoy it.

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies

PHILADELPHIA, PA – AUGUST 06: Bryce Harper #3 of the Philadelphia Phillies flips his bat after hitting a two-run home run against the New York Mets during the eighth inning of a game at Citizens Bank Park on August 6, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Who’s Ready For Some Baseball??

We are currently in the most exciting time of the year because baseball is here baby!! When you aren’t watching baseball, you can maybe watch a movie about baseball! I have put together my Top 10 Baseball Movies list for you to binge ALL SEASON LONG! (yes, put them on repeat)

If you didn’t know this already, my dad is Tim Kurkjian from ESPN. Not that it gives ME any expertise but it does help you believe that I’ve probably seen every single baseball movie that has ever been made because we watched those in my household more than even Disney!! You’ve probably hear him on the radio or on my podcast below!

There are so many great movies that surround baseball, it was almost impossible to narrow down this list but I was able to get my Top 10 Baseball Movies. However, I have to add a couple honorable mentions so I don’t get struck down by the baseball Gods!

First Honorable Mention: The Pride Of The Yankees

It can be tough for NON-Yankee fans to love a movie about the Yankees but this is a great film. Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig, that’s awesome.

Second Honorable Mention: Bang The Drum Slowly

A young Robert DeNiro plays a catcher who ends up getting sick and befriends a pitcher. That’s all I can say, just go watch it! (but no, it didn’t make the top ten)

Third Honorable Mention: Damn Yankees

A musical about baseball?? Count me in!! This is a show I always wanted to be in. Unfortunately, my school changed my senior year musical from this to Willy Wonka, just my luck. But here’s the movie trailer version!

Here’s My Top 10 Baseball Movies!


  • 10) The Rookie

    This story of a high school teacher turned major leaguer (based on a true story) is told perfectly in the movie. Dennis Quaid plays Jim Morris in this amazing performance where he had to learn how to throw left-handed (fun fact).

    My favorite is this moment that so many major leaguers can relate to and so many average Joe’s dreamed of.

  • 9) Bad News Bears (1976)

    Fun fact, I actually auditioned to be part of the remake (2005) starring Billy Bob Thornton. Didn’t get the part but came close! (this ain’t horseshoes but whatever)

    And my favorite scene!

  • 8) Major League

    Maybe it’s because I lived in Cleveland for a couple years out of college or the fact that I’ve ALWAYS loved this movie!

    My favorite scene from Major League is…

  • 7) Moneyball

    This is the newest movie you will find out on my Top 10 list because I think it’s just so smart to show the BACK end of baseball what so many others don’t see or understand!

    I have a favorite scene that might be yours too!

  • 6) The Natural

    A completely unknown talent wows everyone with “natural” talent! (see what I did there?)

    Best scene, if you’ve seen the movie, you know it well.

  • 5) Eight Men Out

    Wow, this movie is fantastic. Lesser known of the baseball movies, this one is about the Chicago Black Sox scandal!

    Fun fact… my last name is in the movie! You can see it at 1:38…


  • 4) A League Of Their Own

    Tom HanksGeena DavisRosie O’Donnell, MADONNA! The cast is absolutely insane, the comedy is great. The actual baseball scenes are incredibly well done too!

    And my favorite scene…

  • 3) Bull Durham

    This movie really breaks down the romance of the game and is easily most people’s number one!!

    Here’s my favorite scene!

  • 2) The Sandlot

    This movie takes everyone back to the good ole days of having NO care in the world other than going out, seeing your friends and playing ball.

    And here’s my fav scene!

  • 1) Field Of Dreams

    Okay so I understand that this movie baffles some as a #1 considering it’s got ghosts and “magic” baseball fields but it’s so much more than that. It’s about a father and a son.

    Here’s the official trailer.

    Here’s my FAVORITE scene… get the tissues ready!

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