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Small Town America

Sure, city living has its benefits, but you and I both know there’s nothing like small town living. Big cities have great restaurants on every corner, but they don’t have the personal touch of a local watering hole whose workers and patrons not only know you, but knew your father, too. Big cities have Whole Foods and farmers markets, but small towns neighbor those farms. Maybe you go to church with the family that grew those goods. It’s that personal touch that makes a small town so special.

WalletHub just came out with their list of the Best Small Cities in America and number one is in your backyard!

  • WalletHub looked at more than 1,300 U.S. cities with populations between 25K and 100K.
  • They judged each city based on 43 key indicators of livability, in areas of affordability, economic health, education and health, quality of life and safety.
  • Factors include (among others):
    • housing costs
    • school-system quality
    • restaurants per capita