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Toby Keith is a man with many hats. Since Big Dog Daddy came on the country music scene in the early 1990s, he became known for his guitar playing, singing, and savvy business acumen. But what he is most proud of is his songwriting.

Toby Keith 100% Songwriter:

Not everyone we hear on the radio writes their own music. Not every songwriter sings only their songs. There is a large contingency of remarkably talented songwriters in Nashville who make a living writing songs for others. For example, Maren Morris came to Nashville with the sole intention of becoming a songwriter. She never thought of herself as a performer. The song Cop Car was made famous by Keith Urban, who is a fantastic songwriter and was actually written by Sam Hunt before he had a record deal. Sam wrote songs for several artists which became huge hits before we ever even heard his name.

Back to Toby Keith …

In recognition of his skills in the writing arena, the country legend is releasing a collection of his biggest self-penned hits. Titled 100% Songwriter, the collection features thirteen songs written by Toby Keith himself.

The album comes out November 3, and for many artists, it would be a “greatest hits” collection, but for Toby Keith – who has 32 #1 singles over the course of his career – these are just representative of the songs he has written solely on his own.

Interestingly enough, it was this week back in 2008 that Toby Keith ranked #3 on the “Forbes” List of the World’s Best-Paid Music Stars. He earned $48 million that year. Rascal Flatts’ $40-million put them at #7. In the pop arena, Justin Timberlake was #4; Madonna came in at #5; and The Police were at the top of the heap at #1 with earnings of $115 million.

Take a trip back in time and check out the impressive track list for 100% Songwriter below, according to WhiskeyRiff.

  • 1. "Should've Been a Cowboy"

    Just like Gene and Roy
    Singin’ those campfire songs
    Woah, I should’ve been a cowboy

  • 2. "He Ain't Worth Missin'"

    I know your head is turningI know your heart is burningGirl, you gotta listenDon’t you know he ain’t worth missing

  • 3. "Wish I Didn't Know Now"

    I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know thenI wish I could start this whole thing over againI’m not sayin’ that you could never be trueI just don’t wanna know how it ends

  • 4. "Who's That Man?"

    That’s my house and that’s my carThat’s my dog in my backyardThere’s the window to the roomWhere she lays her pretty head

  • 5. "Big Ol' Truck"

    She’s got it revved up, rocking, ready to runAnd someday soon, I’m gonna climb right up and take a little ride in her big ol’ truck.

  • 6. "Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You?"

    Baby, if you feel like I doYou can come to meDoes that blue moonEver shine on you?

  • 7. "Country Comes to Town"

    I run around with hillbilly girlsThe weekend sits on my hillbilly worldYou better be ready when the sun goes downThat’s when country comes to town
  • 8. "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like That"

    You shouldn’t kiss me like thisUnless you mean it like that‘Cause I’ll just close my eyesAnd I won’t know where I’m atWe’ll get lost on this dance floorSpinning aroundAnd aroundAnd aroundAnd around

  • 9. "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue"

    This big dog will fight when you rattle his cageAnd you’ll be sorry that you messed withThe U.S. of A.‘Cause we’ll put a boot in your assIt’s the American way

  • 10. "Who's Your Daddy?"

    I got the money if you got the honeyLet’s cut a deal, let’s make a planWho’s your daddy? Who’s your baby?Who’s your buddy? Who’s your man?

  • 11. "Stays in Mexico"

    Just remember when you let it all go,What happens in Mexico,Stays in Mexico

  • 12. "Honkytonk U"

    I’ve played every beer joint tavern from New York City out to Pasadena.
    Every corn-dog fair and rodeo an’ sold out every basketball arena.
    Like to get down with my boys in Afghanistan and Baghdad City too.
    I am a red, white and blue blood graduate of Honkytonk U.

  • 13. "Crash Here Tonight"

    So, close your eyes and hum alongAnd I’ll sing you one more love songIf everything is still alrightWhy don’t you just crash here tonight?

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