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Top 10 Thrilling Roller Coasters in the US – #2 is in Pennsylvania

While roller coasters may be some people’s greatest fears, for others, it’s a thrill-seeking escape. After waiting in line for what might be an hour, the excitement returns when you sit on the ride and get strapped in tight. You might enjoy that feeling of happy nerves racing through your body as the countdown begins. The ride begins, and the coaster slowly brings you to the top. Or maybe it’s when your feet dangle as you look at the world below you. You’ve finally reached the tippy top of the ride, and the butterflies begin while you’re thinking, “What did I sign up for?” until… BOOM! The coaster takes you sideways, upside down, and backward at record speeds. It’s exhilarating!  For some, the walk from the coaster might be straight toward a trashcan, whereas for others, you’re smiling from ear to ear because that is a huge accomplishment!

Coasters in the Delaware Valley

Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents are fortunate to have fantastic amusement parks in every direction. Maybe your summer camp treated you to a day at Dorney Park, your elementary class learned how chocolate is made at Hershey Park, or your family spent the day at Six Flags Great Adventure riding Kingda Ka until you puke. Don’t forget about Knoebels, Morey’s Pier, and Sesame Place! We all have amazing memories from these parks, and we’ll never forget the feeling of finally reaching the minimum height to ride our first roller coaster.

Top 10 Roller Coasters in the country

USA Today ranked the top 10 roller coasters in the US. Three of the coasters are located in Pennsylvania! A panel of theme park experts chose 20 coasters, then USA TODAY 10 best readers voted for their favorites. For the 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards, here are the 10 best roller coasters in the United States. Did your favorite coaster make the list? 

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