Gritty is a beloved Mascot in Philadelphia and throughout the NHL. When Gritty debuted on September 24, 2018, he stormed the world. While the orange furry mascot is so well-loved now, it wasn’t always the case. During the first few months of Gritty, most people didn’t understand what he was and how he was a Flyers mascot. What was Gritty? Why did he seem like a character out of a haunted house more than a hockey mascot?

The Story Of Gritty

This is the story of Gritty; stay with me, as a few details are still unknown. It all began in 2018 when the Wells Fargo Center underwent construction. Sometimes, during construction, you find things you didn’t know existed. As walls were tearing down, a BIG orange creature emerged, and that’s how Gritty came about. I feel slightly upset for Gritty, who lived in his hiding spot and rudely got kicked out. Luckily, Gritty found fame immediately after he escaped from the walls at the Wells Fargo Center. He appeared on talk shows and became an overnight sensation. Just like that, Gritty was a celebrity, but with fame comes hate. The orange creature from the unknown was flooded with hate comments making fun of his appearance. Gritty was unapologetically himself. He didn’t deserve all the negativity; he was still just a baby in this industry. This whirlwind of judgment created enormous grit that made the Flyers mascot tough.

Years later, he is a national treasure in Philadelphia and arguably one of the best things that have happened to the Flyers. Undoubtedly, he is the most known of all the Philadephia mascots, even though the Phillie Phanatic is a close second. Gritty now has merchandise, calendars, and his section at the Wells Fargo Center. He is HIM. How did the mascot who faced so much hate become so well-loved? Oh, do I have the perfect timeline of events for you?


  • It All Started With A Tweet

    Gritty debuted on Twitter on the day he emerged on September 24th, 2018. With a harmless post, the Pittsburgh Penguins quoted the tweet and said, “lol ok.” That was uncalled for, and they needed help even to use their Twitter account for their mascot. It makes sense why the Penguins aren’t liked in Philly. Gritty was NOT going to take this slander and said to the evil Penguins, “Sleep with one eye open tonight, bird.” This became one of the most iconic Gritty tweets to this day. Gritty made headlines for his aggressive reply, but he wasn’t wrong.

  • The Entrance For Gritty's First Home Game

    Talk about an entrance! For Gritty’s first home game, he came into wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus. This was the most dramatic yet graceful entrance I’ve ever seen! It was a genuinely full circle with him emerging from the walls of the Wells Fargo Center, but this time being seen.

  • National Gritty Day

    It was the night before Gritty’s birthday, and his annual birthday list dropped. You read that correctly; Gritty has a birthday wishlist. This is one of the most relatable things the mascot has done. I respect that Gritty took his fame and is getting what he wants! Birthdays should be national days of celebration.



    You thought you’ve seen it all in life until you see your mascot streaking. Gritty showed too much of his Gritty during the Flyers and Penguins 2019 Stadium Series at the Lincoln Financial Field. It gets even worse for the mascot as he gets ejected from the game. This shouldn’t be a surprise as even the mascots must follow the fan of conduct.

  • Run Like A Gritty

    Have you ever wanted to run a 5K dressed up as Gritty alongside others dressed up like Gritty? If you answered yes or imagined yourself dressed in a furry orange suit, this 5K is for you! The annual 5K raises money for Flyers charities, a great way to give back to the community. Luckily, there is still time to sign up, as this year’s 5k is on October 21st.

  • Model Era

    Gritty entered his model era as he did his first calendar shoot. As someone who loves a good old calendar, I promise this one will stand out from any other calendar you’ve owned. Gritty shares his good looks and heart as this is another fundraiser for Flyers Charities.

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