As we step into the New Year, it’s a great time to clean up our homes and get a fresh start. A survey by Cinch Home Services found that many people have been on a cleaning spree. According to the survey by the home warranty provider, 70.3% of respondents have engaged in a cleaning spree since the start of last year, with 62.6% expressing a “very or extremely” committed attitude toward maintaining cleanliness. Despite these efforts, 45.9% still admit feeling embarrassed about the current state of their living spaces.

Benefits of decluttering.

In light of these findings, it’s worth considering the impact of physical clutter on our cognitive processes. Researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and other brain-mapping tools, discovered that an abundance of objects in our visual fields hinders information processing. Essentially, the presence of too much stuff limits our ability to focus on the task at hand.

Additionally, a sleep study conducted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine revealed that people sleeping in cluttered rooms are more prone to developing sleep problems and are at a higher risk of developing hoarding disorders.

Recognizing the challenge of finding motivation for decluttering, The Spruce, a home and lifestyle website, provides helpful tips. They recommend using a decluttering checklist to simplify the process, making decisions about what to clear out more manageable. Additionally, using such a checklist allows you to track your progress by checking items off as you work through it. It’s a simple yet motivating and empowering act.

The Spruce recommends focusing on little victories instead of trying to tackle everything at once. This makes the whole process less overwhelming.

For more help, The Spruce breaks down which rooms to clean first and what items to get rid of in each room.  You can find their complete guide here.

Check out some of the top items below.

  • Bathroom Declutter

    Expired items take the lead on their bathroom decluttering agenda. This includes makeup that has expired or is no longer used, along with medicines and prescriptions that have reached their expiration date or are no longer necessary. Additionally, items like dried-out nail polish, skincare products, and makeup samples are on their bathroom declutter list.

    Makeup products to even skin tone and complexion on aged paper. Corrector, loose and compact powders, concealer pencil, liquid foundation with brushes and cosmetic sponges. Retro style processing

    pogrebkov/ Getty Images

  • Bedroom Declutter

    Paper clutter tops the list for decluttering the bedroom, followed by books that won’t be revisited and old magazines. It’s perfectly fine to part ways with these items, especially if they’ve been sitting around gathering dust. You can even opt for something digital instead of having paper as your go-to.

    Messy workplace with stack of paper

    Garsya/ Getty Images

  • Closet Declutter

    A common decluttering challenge we all face is the overflowing closet. According to The Spruce, the first step is to address clothes that no longer fit. They also advise getting rid of items that haven’t been worn in over nine months.

    Messy wardrobe with different clothes. Fast fashion concept

    Liudmila Chernetska/ Getty Images

  • Kitchen Declutter

    When it comes to your kitchen, duplicate kitchen tools take precedence on their decluttering list. This includes items like extra vegetable peelers, bottle openers, and garlic presses. They also recommend getting rid of appliances that you use only once a year or less. Yes, even if it’s that toaster oven collecting dust on your counter.

    Kitchen utensils in an open drawer

    anela/ Getty Images

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