What an amazing daughter for supporting her parent’s restaurant dream, pretty incredible! The Tik-Toker @Jennif3rle took to the platform to get some business for her parent’s restaurant. There has been a lot of this on TikTok as of lately that has led to nothing but amazing results for small businesses across the country.

The Video! (See It Below)

The original video was viewed over a million times and received thousands of comments and over 145-thousand likes. Within a couple of days of posting the video, Lee’s Noodle House was getting so much business that they were having trouble keeping up with the demand. Jennifer says her parents have been working 12 hour shifts and have been running out of ingredients.

All Of The Support

Comments of support from TikTokers all over the world have been pouring in too. “The comment section has brought my parents and I to tears,” Jennifer says in a follow-up video. “We are so grateful for all the support, and for everyone who is coming out.” She then adds, “My dad is so happy, so grateful.”

The restaurant is in Santa Rosa, California at 1010 Hopper Avenue, Santa Rosa, 95403 CA if you ever find yourself out there with a craving, there ya go!

Why’d She Do This?

Seeing her parents sad and struggling, well that’s all of the inspiration that she needed.

“It makes me so sad to see my parents just wait for customers to walk through the door to eat at their Vietnamese restaurant,” she captioned the short video. She asked people to come and support her parents, who she said were “stressed and dealing with financial issues,” and the response was overwhelming.

Let’s take a look at the video that started it all and the response since the first one blew up, it truly is beautiful!!

Check Out The Videos!

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