Walker Hayes was quite surprised when he heard today (11/23) that his song sensation “Fancy Like” was nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Song.

Walker posted a video to Tik Tok of him reading the news and then reacting, “Bull, what a second, you’re kidding me. Dude, we’re nominated for a Grammy, a freaking Grammy. Guys, are you all excited?” Then someone asks Walker, “Are You Excited?” to which he replies, “We’re nominated for a Grammy.”

He posted the video with the caption, “I’m speechless 😶 so so so grateful @GRAMMYs.”


I’m speechless 😶 so so so grateful @GRAMMYs

♬ Fancy Like - Walker Hayes

Twitter also reacted in various ways to Hayes’ “Fancy Like” getting in the Best Song category. Some were nice, some not so much.

  • Never thought

  • Sully

  • Can't stop laughing

  • So excited for Walker

  • Til Tok is to Blame

  • No Luke Bryan

  • Who is responsible?