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It’s proposal season and the air is filled with LOVE!

XTU Nation shared their engagement stories with us and now it’s time we share them with you!

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  • Melissa

    “My now husband proposed to me at the Rascal Flatts concert in Camden in 2010. He had this whole elaborate plan and had acquired a seat next to my friend and I, without me knowing. My friend and I left for the concert and little did I know shortly after we left, he had my friends parents drive him from West Chester to the venue. He was there the whole time and I had no clue. When Rascal Flatts started playing “ Broken Road” (our song) all of a sudden he appeared next to me and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Right there, in the aisle. Everyone around us was screaming and clapping!!! It was a night I will never ever forget”

  • Jordan

    “I won my engagement ring from 92.5’s Greatest Love Story. Been married 2 years in July and we’re expecting a little boy in November. Love country music.”

  • Bekah

    “He was playing a gig with his band at the Cape May Zoo. I was taking pictures and recording. For the last song he came up to the mic (he plays guitar) and started singing into it. I was so confused and had no idea what was going on. He dedicated the song to me, Then by Brad Paisley. I went up on stage and he sang the entire song to me and then got down on one knee. Best. Day. Ever.”

  • Kerri

    “My husband proposed to me when Brantley Gilbert was at the anniversary show in the parking lot also he proposed when Brantley was singing so he proposed twice it was a great night!!!”

  • Karen

    “Frank & I were at FGL House in Nashville (just last weekend 5/13). He went to the bathroom and they played single ladies by Beyoncé. As he walked back I jokingly said to the girl next to me “wanna see my boyfriend get embarrassed?” So I pointed to my finger and sang the words “if you like it then you should have put a ring on it” and then this happened (thank God for random strangers with cameras)”

  • Chrissy

    “Got engaged at Kenny Chesney June 23 2007 at the linc. He wanted to do it between the first and second acts but we got side tracked by meeting a friend so he did it between the 2 and 3 acts.”