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Must Haves

Must Haves

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It’s officially crunch time for folks heading back to college. And if you’re going to college for the first time you might not be sure what you need. So here is our list of dorm room essentials that you probably think you won’t need, but you will definitely appreciate having them at your disposal. 

  • Bed Shelfie

    Space in dorms is limited. And let’s face it, one way or another your desk is going to fill up. Sometimes it’d be helpful to have a bit of extra shelf space. The Bed Shelfie is perfect for that. It can hold your cellphone, headphones, drinks, even your writing utensils. Think of this way, you might spend a ton of time studying or just relaxing in your bed. It’s an absolute nightmare having to dig around you to find any of the things listed above. A shelfie is going to solve that issue for you in a flash.

  • Hand Steamer

    I know you’re probably shaking your head like, why the heck would I need a hand steamer. Listen college is one of the main places people start to develop interview skills. Career and job fairs exist in college settings for a reason. You will want to own professional/business casual clothing when meeting recruiters and having a hand steamer to help make sure you don’t have wrinkles will come in handy one day, trust me!

  • Electric Kettle

    Not all campuses allow these in the dorm rooms, so make sure you are checking the rules of your college, but it goes without saying that there is a solid chance you might get sick in college and want to drink tea, or heck maybe you’re a tea drinker like me in general and being able to make tea proper way is 1,000 times more appealing than nuking water in the microwave. An electric kettle is convenient for more than just tea though. If you have those Mac n’ Cheese cups or even instant noodles, you’ll have hot water in seconds and won’t have to leave your room. 

  • Rain Boots

    Buy rain boots! Seriously. I did not listen to a single person who told me to and every time it rained I regretted it. College life is a walking life. The vast majority of college students walk to and from class. Sometimes classes are not close, and if it is raining and you are walking in your sneakers for over 15 minutes you will have damp socks and you will be uncomfortable the entire lecture you have to sit through. So do yourself the favor and buy a pair of rain boots that will last you through your college career. 

  • A Mini Fridge

    In this case, you’re looking at a mini, mini fridge, but the concept is much the same. Id even argue something this small can be better for space. If you don’t know your roommates and someone else has opted to bring the “full” sized mini fridge, something small like this 4-liter one is good for just storing a few of your personal drinks or snacks you want cold.

  • Headrest Pillow

    You have probably seen a bunch of people get these and are probably curious as to why. The short answer, you will need it when you are sitting up in bed. When I say it’s not uncommon for you to be studying or relaxing in your dorm bed, I really mean 75% of your life outside of a classroom setting will probably be sitting in that bed. Whether it’s watching Netflix, doing homework, or just chatting with your roommates, I can guarantee you’ll be lounging there. So, get something that’s more supportive on your back and head, like this headrest pillow.

  • A Planner

    2021-2022 Daily Planner: Chambray Bookcloth

    Invest in a planner. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your major is, invest in a planner. You will have so many assignments, papers, group projects, etc. And your professors will remind you of those dates frequently. Carry a planner so you can write those dates down. Stay as organized as you can. Heck, once you join clubs and stuff too you will need one for keeping track of all of your events.

  • Storage Containers

    If you have the space for this, I highly recommend considering a storage container, even if it’s just one that fits under your bed. Space is so limited, that’s on top of the fact that you are sharing space with two or three other people. Having storage containers that don’t take up a ton of space, but provide good storage is going to be a lifesaver for you.

  • Vanity Organizers

    If you haven’t been able to tell already, the theme of this list is staying organized when you have very little space. This vanity organizer is really great if you’re like me and will keep all your supplies, make-up, school, and otherwise on your desk. Keep yourself as organized as possible. This is great for storing school supplies as well as other products. You can even put first-aid stuff like band aids and Neosporin in some of the containers.

  • Shower Caddy & Tension Rod

    I am a huge fan of this shower caddy right here. The reason being that for my first year of college I just put my shower items on the ground of the shower (I only had to share with roommates) and water consistently got in there. This shower caddy has a tension rod that allows you to have the whole mechanism stand up in the shower with you. If you’re not in a communal shower situation and just have one in your room, this is incredibly helpful. You can put all of your shower essentials on it and never have to worry about getting water in your products as I did.

  • Shower Foot Rest

    Speaking of showers, another thing I would have died to have in college was a shower foot rest for when I needed to shave my legs. Most college showers are not conducive with a large lip so you can put your foot up and get all the hair. This one suction cups to your shower wall so you can fix the height to whatever is best for you.

  • Reusable Water Bottle

    If you don’t already own a reusable water bottle, invest in one for college. A reusable bottle comes in handy as so many colleges have these cool water bottle refill specific drinking fountains nowadays, so you no longer have to tilt the bottle, aim the water, and pray to God you don’t get it all over you. Plus, a reusable bottle will save you so much money, and as a college student that is a very big must.

  • Brita Water Pitcher

    Drink water in college. Seriously, the number of people I knew who just stopped drinking water regularly because they didn’t have access to a good drinking fountain is outrageous. A water filter pitcher system like this Brita is great for a few reasons. 1) It will fit very easily into most mini fridges. 2) The filter system only needs to be changed every 3 months, so its cost-effective. And 3) it’s good clean water that you can fill up your reusable water bottle with. 

  • Power Strip with Extension Cord, Surge Protection & USB ports

    You will want a power strip. There are so few outlets in a dorm room and sometimes they are far away from where you. This power strip not only has a 6-foot extension cord, but it also comes with multiple outlets, a surge protector, and multiple USB ports which is a big plus!

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