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Must Haves

Must Haves

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Finding silly and fun items that are cat-related is something I take pride in. Being a cat owner to a diva-like tuxedo cat, appropriately name General Mittens, makes my searching that much more fun. So whether you’re a cat owner or just a cat lover, we’ve found 14 absolutely purrfect finds for cat lovers that you’re gonna love. So without further ado here’s our list of fun finds for cat lovers.

  • Custom Sequined Pillow

    I know if you’re reading this list that like me you either love cats or you love your cat a lot. And honestly this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen cats on socks and on mugs, but a pillow with my cat’s face on it? Priceless. Take my money immediately! I also have a soft spot for pillows and other things with reverse sequins like this. 

  • Bowie Cat Slip Mat

    Move over Diamond Dogs, this Bowie cat theme slip mat will make help you be the coolest DJ at any party. It’s the purrfect gift for any cat lover who owns a turntable.  Ok. Just one more pun.  It will help you mix beautiful “meow-sic” for all the cool cats and kittens.

  • Personalized 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

    Again, I love finding things that I can put my cat’s face on that are just out of the ordinary. And I also love putting together puzzles. I find them very soothing and fun. Which makes this an incredible find for me and anyone else like me. You can send a photo of you and your cat into Lovimals and get a custom 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle created. Seriously, how fun?!

  • Fat Cat Desk Mat

    This mat had me cackling. Listen, I know fat cats are not healthy, but they’re so stinking cute and hilarious to look at. This Fat Cat Desk Mat not only brings a smile to my face, but it would fit perfectly next to my corgi mouse pad on my desk.

  • The Cat Is On My Lap Socks

    Unlike dogs, cats are the type of pet that will on rare occasions seek you out for love and affection. The minute you have a cat in your lap it’s like the sun has burst through the clouds and you know you’re not moving a single muscle until they decide to leave on their own. These are the perfect socks for any cat lover for this exact reason. Perhaps by wearing them you’ll get some good luck, and your cat will be more likely to sit in your lap more often. 

  • Sassy Throw Pillow

    Cats are usually the first ones to call dibs on specific spots on the coach.  This super cute throw pillow serves as a seat saver for your pretty kitty while bringing a smile to your face each time you see it.  There’s a hidden zipper making it easy to clean and it’s let’s be honest…it’s super cute.

  • All Guests Must Be Approved By The Cat Entrance Mat

    Again, this one had me LOL-ing! My cat is notorious for being a diva, and I know there are many other cat owners who feel the same way. As much as I’d like to believe I’m the one in charge I know I’m not. So, this “All Guest Must Be Approved By The Cat” entrance mat is very fitting. She’ll definitely let you know within the first few minutes if she’s down for pets or not. 

  • Pencils for Cat People

    Pencils For Cat People

    We’ve all seen these stamped pencils out in the wild before, but I have yet to see them with funny cat phrases like these. “30 cats is a nice round number,” “My cat hates you,” “It’s not me, my cat likes dressing up,” these are just 3 of the 8 funny cat sayings on these pencils. This is the purrfect gift for the cat lover in your life, or even just something fun to buy yourself.

  • Cat Hoodie

    Have you heard about the cat hoodie? If not, the basics are that you can wear this hoodie and carry your cat around in the front pouch with you, much like a kangaroo does with their joey. The inside of the pouch is incredible soft which your cat will love snuggling up in. This sweatshirt has sizes from Small up to 3XL.  

  • Cat Selfie Phone Attachment

    It always like pulling teeth if I want to get General Mittens to take a photo with me, a true diva through and through. This cat selfie phone attachment from IWOOT might make it a lot easier. The top of the attachment has a tiny little bell that you can use to draw your cat’s attention so you can take a photo with them. 

  • Cat Butt Magnets

    Cat Butt Magnets

    I just can’t help myself with these. Cat butt magnets?! Hilarious. Truly. This set includes 6 different cat butt magnets featuring breads like Grey Tabby, Siamese, Bombay, Calico, Persian, and Orange Tabby.

  • What Is Your Cat Really Thinking?

    Want a book that tells you what your cat is actually thinking? Look no further! According to IWOOT, “inside these pages you’ll find out what they really think when you try to play with them, why they love knocking things off tables and why they get really cheesed off when your culinary skills fall short of their expectations.” Sounds like something I need!

  • Cat People Candle

    Cat People Candle

    Perpetual Kid is one of our favorite places to find funny and unique candles. When I found this one, we knew we had to include it on our last. Gift this to anyone who loves cats as much as we do. The candle smells like “Purring, and a fresh hairball under your barefoot,” also known as warm vanilla.

  • CAT-opoly Board Game

    We’ve all played Monopoly, now there’s CAT-opoly! The game is nearly identical to Monopoly, but now when someone steals your property or you have to pay $1500 in property taxes it’s not a bigger cat-astrophe.

  • Chonk Cats Nesting Dolls

    I love a chonky cat! How could we resist these chonk cat nesting dolls? This will make the perfect knick-knack addition to your desk or home. 

  • Cat Butts Coloring Book

    Lastly, when life gets tough it’s always fun to color. This 84 paged Cat Butts coloring book is perfect gift for cat lovers everywhere.

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