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Dads Really Try When it Comes to Homework

Are dad's known better for homework help or the occasional dad joke? ¬†Unfortunately dads, Brainly, The world's largest peer-to-peer learning community asked 1000 parents about dad's influence on their children's homework. A surprising statistic emerged. 86% of dads help their children with their nightly homework, half of them are stumped by it. Nice try dad,…

Kid's rooms are GROSS!!!!

OH MY GOODNESS! YUCK!!!!!!!!!! This is a pic of moldy slime that Andie found in her kids bedroom! What's the grossest thing you've ever found in YOUR child's room? The grosser, the better! Please let us know!!!

Jimmie Allen has some "Dad Jokes" for you!

With Father's Day approaching, what better way to prepare, than by listening to Jimmie Allen read some "dad jokes" to you! His reactions are HYSTERICAL! Andie & Dave not only play Jimmie's jokes, but get in on it, with a couple jokes of their own: