XTU Morning Crew


Cole Swindell's New Album Is Out Today!!!

Cole Swindell is a Platinum-selling recording artist and record-breaking 10-time No. 1 singer/songwriter and today he dropped his third album, All of It. He called in to the celebrity hotline to talk about the first single “Break Up In The End” and what a day as big as this is like for the singer. Listen…

Morgan Evans Pickle Discovery

Australian-born rising Country artist Morgan Evans is making waves with “Kiss Somebody." He called into the show today to talk about the biggest difference between his home country and America.  We also asked what his first day of school was like down under - and he said it was a little intimidating.  Find out why…

Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?

This past week we celebrated National Hot Dog Day. With that in mind, Producer Zach went down to the BB&T Pavilion and talked to people at the Zac Brown Band Show to find out what is the best condiment for a hot dog...

Is Garth Brooks Coming To Philly?

Garth Brooks had a big announcement, and he wanted to share the news with Philly, so naturally, he called Andie this morning and they got to talking about his next BIG concert and vacation plans.