Weddings On A Holiday - Sweet Or Selfish

Dave was in a cranky mood today because this time next year he will be at a wedding and he thinks it's rude to have a wedding on a holiday. Andie disagrees because she had her wedding on Labor Day weekend. Which side do you fall on? We asked the XTU Nation

Andie's Dad Greeted Her Date With A Shotgun

This morning we talked about a Mom who is wanted by the Maryland Police because she has been asking female students to go on a date with her son. Which is embarasssing, can anyone on the show top it? We tried to as we talked about time that our parents embarassed us in front of…

Flirty Napkinks - Are They Offensive

Delta wanted to help passengers find love bygiving them the chance to flirt with other passengers. With cocktail napkins. But people complained. So Delta and Coca-Cola apologized for the marketing stunt. But should they be? Are these napkins cute or creepy?  We talked about it this morning