Jagger's Interview With Garth Brooks

Andie was scheduled to talk to Garth Brooks yesterday about his "Live from Notre Dame" TV special airing Saturday night on CBS. Unfortunately her kids were sick and needed to go to the doctor. So our we let out assistant producer Jagger handle things. And things did not go smoothly.

Local Crossing Guard Trying To Become Nation's Favorite

Harry Chambers, also know as the 'Jolly Crossing Guard' works at Herma Simmons Elementary in Gloucester County. He is currently up for the national title of "Favorite Crossing Guard," Andie talked to him this morning about the competition.  You can vote for Mr. Harry here -   

Eddie Montgomery Interview

Dierks Bentley, Chris Janson, Rascal Flatts and Eddie Montgomery will all perform at the January 9th concert, “C’Ya on the Flip Side”  The concert will benefit the Troy Gentry Foundation. Andie talked to Eddie Montgomery about this and his new album "Montgomery Gentry: 20 Years of Hits”

Mom Charges Money for Christmas Dinner

Anyone who has hosted Christmas for their loved ones knows it's expensive. Especially dinner. A mom in the U.K. is attempting to recoup some of those costs by charging a fee of $23 per person to enjoy dinner with the family this year. Do you think it is okay to ask the family to pitch in some cash…

Goodbye Frank

Big news happened right before Thanksgiving. Frank let us know that he will no longer be on the show with us. This was his decision and we're sure he gave it a lot of thought and feels that he’s doing what’s in his best interest. We loved working with him and we wish him well. This morning…

What Member Of The Morning Show Would You Bring To Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And this got us thinking. If you could only invite one member of the morning show to dinner with the family who would it be and why.  Each member of the morning show made their pitch and then listeners called in to voice their thoughts. 

Zach Prank Called His Mom

There's a new viral prank right now where people are texting their moms to ask for advice on how to cook their Thanksgiving turkey in the microwave.  Everyone on the morning show got in on it, but Zach's Mom was so confused she wanted him to call her. So we did. On the air.