Flirty Napkinks - Are They Offensive

Delta wanted to help passengers find love bygiving them the chance to flirt with other passengers. With cocktail napkins. But people complained. So Delta and Coca-Cola apologized for the marketing stunt. But should they be? Are these napkins cute or creepy?  We talked about it this morning

Gas Pumping Horror Stories

New Jersey just raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Which is good for employees but lawmakers are warning that things may have to change. One of the things that could chance is gas attendants and self serve gas stations in the garden state. Our Jersey listeners recalled some of their epic gas fails.

Don't Spoil The Commercials

The big game between the Patriots and the Rams is this weekend.  And to say we aren't that excited would be an understatement.  The one thing we are looking forward to is the commercials. The one thing we hate is people leaking them early? Why do companies do that. We talked about it this morning.

Should Kids Go To School When It's THIS Cold Out

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is under fire for refusing to close schools during the current polar vortex. NBC meteorologist Al Roker ripped Bevin calling him a nitwit. Do you agree with Bevin or Roker? Should schools have been closed due to the weather? We talked it about this morning. 

The Morning Crew Are Stalking People On FaceTime

Well someone on the show is. There was a glitch on FaceTime where the caller's audio and front-facing video is able to seen and heard by the recipient before accepting. You can bascially spy on whoever you are calling and one person on the show say they do it to their partner. Who is it? Listen to hear…