Andie Welcomes Nicole To XTU!!!

We had a special guest in studio today. Andie said hello to the newest member of the XTU family - Nicole Michalik. You will be able to hear her from 3-7 Monday through Friday. Razz will be on 12- 3. But today we just wanted to get to know Nicole a little better.  Everybody say…

Weddings On A Holiday - Sweet Or Selfish

Dave was in a cranky mood today because this time next year he will be at a wedding and he thinks it's rude to have a wedding on a holiday. Andie disagrees because she had her wedding on Labor Day weekend. Which side do you fall on? We asked the XTU Nation

Andie's Dad Greeted Her Date With A Shotgun

This morning we talked about a Mom who is wanted by the Maryland Police because she has been asking female students to go on a date with her son. Which is embarasssing, can anyone on the show top it? We tried to as we talked about time that our parents embarassed us in front of…