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A beached hammerhead shark lies dead on sand at low tide.

Woah!  This is pretty wild.

Here are the details from PhillyVoice: 

A man taking a stroll in Longport at the 12th Avenue beach spotted the unmistakable form of a shark’s body in the surf.

Biologists identified the animal as a sand tiger, a common species off the coast of New Jersey that is typically harmless to people.

“These animals are very common in the northeast and off New Jersey. They appear intimidating with their teeth, but are pretty docile sharks,” said a spokesperson for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries. “In fact, they are a popular shark in aquariums given their fierce look, and because they do well in captivity.”

Atlantic City Restaurant Named One of the Best Waterfront Restaurant in US

It doesn’t come as a complete shock that a spot in South Jersey would fall on the list naming the 20 best waterfront restaurants in the U.S. The list comes from Money Inc and featured the Chart House located inside the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City.

If you have never been I can attest to the views and the food, both are very good.

You can find some great places, but according the website, there is one place in Atlantic City that stands out above all the rest when it comes to waterfront dining.

Atlantic City isn’t the only Chart House location, the restaurant has 27 other locations. If you haven’t been you should certainly check it out.

Another that made the list, although a drive for us in this area is Altius located in Mount Washington, PA.

Check out the full list below: