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Jason and Travis Kelce Spend Time With Friends And Family In Philadelphia (PICS)

They are taking Philly to New Heights. Thats right, Jason and Travis Kelce spend time with family in Philadelphia. The most popular brothers in the world are once again breaking the internet. This time in and around Philly, which obviously makes us feel very proud. It all started when one of Travis' barber's posted a pic of him and Travis from a hotel room in Philly. He said he made the special trip specifically to cut Travis' hair. That led everyone to try and figure out why was Travis Kelce in Philly and what was he doing here. There have been numerous reports that he was here for Jason and Kylie's daughters Ellie and Bennie's birthday and a few other people said it was their birthday party and Bennie's Baptism. Taylor Swift is currently in Singapore doing 6 sold out shows. Majority of Swifties want to know when and if Travis is headed to see more of the Eras Tour or will he just want to see her when she gets back. She's finished this part of the Eras Tour next weekend in Singapore and then she doesn't start back up again until May 9th in Paris. So she's off for almost two months until her European leg takes off and obviously April will be busy because she's releasing The Tortured Poets Department which drops April 19th. Back to Jason and Travis in Philly. Travis and Jason spent time today at the Brookline Volunteer Fire Company in Havertown, which is where Jason lives. Two awesome listeners Steph and Jess got to meet them and shared their photos with us. In a few of the pics you can see a boom mic, which as first was confusing, but another listener said they filmed an episode of their New Heights podcast at the fire station and supposedly Jason jumped through a burning table! I guess we'll have to see on Wednesday if that's true or not. I thought maybe Travis was here in person to film the podcast because Jason was going to officially announce this retirement. It might be a very emotional week.

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