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Bridezilla Wants Bridemaids To Wear Contacts

The Daily Mirror claims a bride, who they are not naming, recently asked her bridesmaids to change their eye colors so their eyes would better match their bridesmaid dresses. But of all the many bridezilla things out there is this really that over the top?  We talked about it this morning. 

Andie's First Bumble

Andie has never used bumble or any other dating app before. So when our friend Dave showed us his, Andie was very intreagued. Then she looked at his profile and she realized it was a MESS. She tried to help but I don't know how well recieved her help was. We talked about it on…

Jason Aldean Questions If His Son Should Be Playing with Dolls

Jason Aldean posted on social media thay he saw his 13-month old son playing with a doll that belonged to one of his older daughters. He said, seeing my son playing with a doll was kinda odd. Like, shouldn't he have a truck or something? We talked about it this morning. 

Sitting On The Same Side Of The Table

Andie was skiing this past weekend and noticed a couple sitting on the same side of the table. She thought it was cute but friend of the show Dave Cruz joined us this morning and thinks it's really awkward to do. Do you do this on a date? We discussed the seating arangements on the…