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6 April Fools’ Day Pranks I Hope You Didn’t Fall For

I am sorry for anyone who was affected by yesterday’s silliness on the Internet. You might have been fooled by companies posting prank pictures of their products or collaborations on the goofiest day of the year.

Harmless April Fools’ Day Pranks

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Every year, we seem to forget about the foolish holiday. On April 1st, we pull pranks on each other for a good laugh. If you fall victim on this day, hopefully, it’s only a harmless prank.

These are pranks that you pull that are safe for the prank-ee. These could include replacing your family’s photos with images of a celebrity like Nicolas Cage or Steve Buscemi. Watching how long it takes your family to notice is innocent and funny.

When April Fools’ Day falls on a weekend, parents might wake their kids up and tell them that they’re late for school. It’s adorable watching your sleepy little one get their school bag together only to be told that it’s Saturday and they can head back to bed.

Our own, Nicole, who hosts the afternoon show on 925XTU pulled her classic prank on XTU Nation by fooling us all that the Philadelphia Phillies announced a new mascot to replace the Phillie Phanatic. Read about it here.

More Serious April Fools’ Day Pranks

Devious Looking Woman

A more serious prank is something that actually affects someone’s day or might be a bit more nasty. I’m sure you’ve seen the creme-filled donuts prank. It’s a classic. You will put out creme-filled donuts, but they’re actually filled with toothpaste or another yucky substance.

I would not want to fall victim to that! If you want to start planning for next year, here are some ideas to get you started.

April Fools’ Day Pranks Backfire

Last year, I was dared to prank our boss, Razz on the Radio. Razz is great at keeping a straight face so my coworkers and I decided to scare him to get a reaction.

Unfortunately, it completely backfired for me. I calmly talked to Razz in our studio until I pretended to see a huge bug. I started to scream, yet Razz stayed completely still. He did NOT approve of this prank at all and I was truly scared for myself.


Company Internet April Fools’ Day Pranks

Now, companies try and outdo themselves every year by pranking their followers. Check out these pranks from well-known brands from 2024.


  • Pringles and Olipop

    You have to appreciate the commitment to the bit. The popular chip brand teamed up with the soda company, Olipop, for this April Fool’s Day prank. The companies even went as far as created new soda labels and completing a full photoshoot… but sour cream and onion soda? I’m not so sure about that one. In a collaborated Instagram post, the two brands immediately spilled their prank to followers.

  • Poppi

    This popular soda brand, Poppi, released some “fake” collabs with your favorite sweet treats. Most of the time, when a company wants to pull a prank of April 1st, it’s obvious that it’s a joke. More than not is a rather unpleasant pairing. But a Poppi PopTart? I would buy that.

  • 7-Eleven

    Take notes, everyone! This is how you pull off a good prank. 7-Eleven posted this Instagram picture unveiling a new flavor of sparkling water. It’s called “Hot Dog Water.” The reason this prank is so well done is because it was posted 4 days before April 1st. 7-Eleven was ahead of the game and building buzz around this prank. It’s ridiculous enough not to believe, yet funny enough for a good laugh. Well done, 7-Eleven!

  • Scotch & Scotch

    What an incredible pairing! Adhesive tape has no business being a part of the whiskey business, but this collab is hilarious. Scotch Whiskey introduced their new bottle by Scotch Tape. According to the comments in this Instagram post, a lot of Scotch lovers were disappointed when they found out this is just a prank.

  • Auntie Anne's & Frontier Airlines

    I’m all in for this. As someone who will fly Frontier because it’s affordable, yet often gets delayed, I think I deserve a nice warm pretzel once the plane finally takes off. Imagine that intoxicating smell of an Auntie Anne’s pretzel 35,000 feet in the air. Unfortunatley, this is just another April Fool’s Day prank. But maybe this sparked the idea of better food on the flight?

  • Empire State Building and The Rainforest Cafe

    The Empire State Building’s Instagram has a mind of it’s own. Now they pulled the prank of announcing that they will launch the World’s Highest Rainforest Cafe on the 86th floor of the building. They even went as far as creating a fake photo for the plan. Their followers we’re disappointed. One commenter said, “It always hurts when an April Fools prank is something you actually want.”

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