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Have you wondered how much your favorite celebrity is worth? I think about it a lot actually. Well, now we have a list of the richest country music stars ranked lowest to highest. There used to be a really great Twitter account called @CelebJets which showed you all the celebrities with private jets and where they were taking off and landing at any given time. Unfortunately, the account got shut down, but man it was fun. It also showed just had rich some of our favorite country stars really are. Kenny Chesney has his own jet, along with Blake Shelton, and Tim McGraw, who is also a trained pilot.

I tried to think about all the artists we play, who have a lot of songs, who do television/movies. I was kind of surprised when I Googled the Net Worth of a lot of these stars. Obviously, some of the stars who have been around a long time like Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, and Carrie Underwood, you would expect to be very wealthy.

The definition of Net Worth from the FDIC is: Net worth is the value of all the non-financial and financial assets owned by an individual or institution minus the value of all its outstanding liabilities.

Kenny Chesney Wrapped His Tour Rehearsals - Kenny on stage wearing a red tank top.
Para Griffin/Getty mages

I think it’s interesting that songs don’t really seem to move the needle. It also seems like the older artists made a lot more money from albums than current artists. From what I understand in the music business, before streaming, artists make money from albums, now artists make money from touring. Obviously having a great money manager and knowing how to invest plays a huge part in how much your net worth is also. That’s my goal, to save money so I can start investing. Seems like that’s the best way to get rich.

Check out the list of the richest country music stars ranked lowest to highest and let us know if you’re surprised by any rankings. Pretty awesome that there is almost a billionaire on the list.

Kenny Chesney Wrapped His Tour Rehearsals - Kenny on stage wearing a red tank top.
Para Griffin/Getty mages
Kenny Chesney Wrapped His Tour Rehearsals - Kenny on stage wearing a red tank top.
Para Griffin/Getty mages
Richest Country Music Stars
Para Griffin/Getty mages
Kenny Chesney Wrapped His Tour Rehearsals - Kenny on stage wearing a red tank top.
Para Griffin/Getty mages

  • 32. Carly Pearce

    Net Worth – 2 Million

    Carly first came onto the country music scene with her hit song “Everything Little Thing” in 2017. She then married (and divorced) fellow country music star Michael Ray, which led to her biggest album to date 29: Written in Stone. Her two other albums are Everything Little Thing and self-titled Carly Pearce. She won a Grammy and multiple ACMs and CMA awards.

    CMA Fest 2023 - Day 1

  • 31. Gabby Barrett

    Net Worth – 3 Million

    Gabby finished 3rd on the 16th Season of American Idol. She married fellow Idol Contestant Cade Foehner in 2019. Her single “I Hope” was a massive success – becoming #1 on the country chart as well as the Billboard chart. She’s also a mom to two little ones and is from Pittsburgh.

    Gabby Barrett performing on stage

  • 30. Scotty McCreery

    Net Worth – 4 Million

    Scotty won the tenth season of American Idol in May 2011. He’s released 5 albums including a Christmas Album in 2012. “Damn Strait”, “Five More Minutes”, and “It Matters To Her” are 3 of Scotty’s biggest hits. He also just became a first-time dad.

    Scotty McCreery performing

  • 29. Sam Hunt

    Net Worth – 5 Million

    I am actually surprised he isn’t worth more than this. He needs to start doing more endorsements. Ha. Sam had a rough few years. First he got a DUI, then separated from his wife after she announced she was pregnant. Then she filed a restraining order against him. All is well though, they patched things up, had a baby girl and another one is on the way.

    Sam Hunt on stage

  • 28. Lainey Wilson

    Net Worth – 5 Million

    Lainey is taking over the country music scene. Our bell-bottom queen has no intention of slowing down. Her song “Things a Man Oughta Know” was a massive success and made Lainey a household name. Lainey just revealed this past May that she’s been dating former NFL quarterback Devlin “Duck” Hodges for almost 3 years and kept it a secret the whole time!
    Lainey Wilson on stage

  • 27. Kane Brown

    Net Worth – 6 Million

    I also thought Kane was worth more than 6 million. Listen, it’s still a lot, but he has so many hits. Kane hit the country music scene in 2015 with the hit song “Used To Love You Sober” and never looked back. He married his wife Katelyn back in 2018 and officially became a part-time Philadelphian since Katelyn is from West Chester. Ha.

    Kane Brown on stage

  • 26. Kelsea Ballerini

    Net Worth – 6 Million

    Kelsea had her biggest year to date. Not only did she go on tour herself, and created a few short films, but she also joined her new bff Kenny Chesney on his smaller venue tour – they stopped in Wilkes Barre and State College. She divorced her country music star husband Morgan Evans and is now dating Outer Banks star, Chase Stokes.
    Kelsea Ballerini performing while playing guitar

  • 25. Dustin Lynch

    Net Worth – 6 Million

    Dustin Lynch has been in the country music scene for quite some time. He has a ton of hits, but never seems to make it to the CMAs or ACMs. I feel like we need to start a campaign for Dustin. Fun Fact, Dustin was my first country concert. My bff Elisa LOVES him and begged me to go see him at The Filmore in the fall of 2017. Needless to say, I’ve been a fan ever since.

    Dustin Lynch singing

  • 24. Jon Pardi

    Net Worth – 8 Million

    I’m kind of surprised he beat out some other stars. I guess maybe because he’s been around a while? His first single “Missin’ You Crazy” was released in 2012, which is over 11 years ago. Jon got married in 2020 and became a first-time dad in 2022.

    Jon Pardi singing with guitar

  • 23. Thomas Rhett

    Net Worth – 8 Million

    Thomas Rhett’s first #1 is “It Goes Like This” all the way back in 2013. Pretty crazy it’s been 10 years of Thomas Rhett hits. He’s also the ultimate girl dad. He and his wife Lauren have 4 girls who are all under the age of 7! Not to mention his country music royalty as his dad Rhett Atkins.

    Thomas Rhett sings and plays guitar on stage

  • 22. Maren Morris

    Net Worth – 8 Million

    Maren has had massive success in the country world as well as the pop world with her hit single “The Middle” with Zedd. I fell in love with her music the first time I heard “My Church” back in 2016. She’s married to fellow country music star Ryan Hurd and they had a huge song together “Chasing After You” that went to #1.
    Maren Morris playing guitar on stage

  • 21. Morgan Wallen

    Net Worth – 12 Million

    To say Morgan has had success this past year would be an understatement. He broke almost every record on the country music charts as well as the Billboard chart. After his controversy in 2021, he has rallied back to be bigger than ever. He did cancel a few shows during his stadium tour this Summer, including Philadelphia, due to “voice issues.” At the time of publishing, he still hasn’t confirmed a rescheduled Philly date.

    Morgan Wallen singing on stage

  • 20. Eric Church

    Net Worth – 18 Million

    The Chief! Eric writes the majority of his own songs which I think is important to mention. It’s surprising how many singers don’t write their own songs, but Eric isn’t one of them. Eric debuted on the country chart in 2006 with “How ‘Bout You” but didn’t get a #1 song until 2021 with “Drink In My Hand.”
    Eric Church singing on stage

  • 19. Darius Rucker

    Net Worth – 18 Million

    Darius has been in our hearts and on our radios for years. Obviously, we first fell in love with Darius in Hootie and the Blowfish, then he moved into the country space and is just as successful. He also showed that he loved the Eagles when he brought Jordan Mailata on stage with him to sing “Alight” in Wildwood at the Barefoot Country Music Festival.
    Darius Rucker playing a guitar on stage

  • 18. Luke Combs

    Net Worth – 22 Million

    Luke! He released Gettin Old this spring and to say I’m obsessed is an understatement. It’s so good. “Tattoo on a Sunburn” is my favorite and I’m praying he releases it as a late Summer single. Obviously his cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” has more success than Luke ever thought. It reached #2 on the Hot Billboard 100 and #1 on the Country Chart.
    Luke Combs on stage

  • 17. Chris Stapleton

    Net Worth- 25 Million

    The voice that’s as smooth as butter. Chris hit his first #1 country song with “Broken Halos” in 2018. He earned another one in February 2022 with “You Should Probably Leave.” Most of his songs are slow ballad types, but they are all smashes.

    Chris Stapleton playing guitar


  • 16. Dierks Bentley

    Net Worth – 30 Million

    Dierks is one of my favorites. I love how he looks like a regular dad but then he gets on stage, turns his hat backwards, and you can’t take your eyes off him. He loves a cold plunge, and pickleball, and writes such awesome songs. His first number 1 was all the way back in 2003 with “What Was I Thinkin'”.

    Dierks Bently on stage

  • 15. Miranda Lambert

    Net Worth – 65 Million

    Miranda was all over the news this past week with her recent snafu during her show in Vegas when she stopped mid-song to yell at fans for taking pictures. Although, Miranda has always been Miranda. She literally has an album titled “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”
    Miranda Lambert on stage

  • 14. Keith Urban

    Net Worth – 75 Million

    Keith. What a gem. Fun Fact, everyone who has met Keith says he smells so good. I haven’t had the chance to meet him yet, but when I do, I’m going to ask him what cologne he wears. I wonder if he wore it before he met Nicole Kidman.
    Keith Urban on stage

  • 13. Jason Aldean

    Net Worth – 90 Million

    Since 2005, he has been signed to Broken Bow Records, a record label for which he has released ten albums and 40 singles. His 2010 album, My Kinda Party, is certified quadruple-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.
    Jason Aldean on stage

  • 12. Reba McEntire

    Net Worth – 95 Million

    Reba is a legend. Music, a massive hit TV show, and now she’s going to be one of the new coaches on The Voice. Dubbed “the Queen of Country”, she has sold more than 75 million records worldwide. Since the 1970s, McEntire has placed over 100 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, 25 of which reached the number one spot.
    Reba McEntire on stage

  • 11. Blake Shelton

    Net Worth – 120 Million

    The Voice sure has made Blake money. Blake was obviously a country music star before, but The Voice made him a superstar. He married Gwen Stefani last year and they had a #1 Country Song together “Nobody But You.”

    Blake Shelton on stage playing guitar

  • 10. Carrie Underwood

    Net Worth – 140 Million

    We first met and fell in love with Carrie in 2005 when she was the winner of the 4th season of American Idol. Her debut album, Some Hearts (2005), was bolstered by the successful crossover singles “Jesus, Take the Wheel” and “Before He Cheats”, becoming the best-selling solo female debut album in country music history.

    Carrie Underwood singing on stage

  • 9. Luke Bryan

    Net Worth – 160 Million

    American Idol sure has helped make Luke into a massive star. Even people who don’t like country music, know who Luke Bryan is. He was also kind enough to perform at the XTU Anniversary Show this June, where he gave a massive shoutout to the Philadelphia Eagles. Clearly, he’s now a fan.
    Luke Bryan playing a guitar on stage

  • 8. Alan Jackson

    Net Worth – 160 Million

    Alan Jackson has recorded 21 studio albums, including two Christmas albums, and two gospel albums, as well as released three greatest-hits albums. “Chattahoochee” is one of the most recognizable country songs of all time thanks to him.

    Alan Jackson on stage

  • 7. Kenny Chesney

    Net Worth – 180 Million

    Kenny! What a star. You know the first time I saw Kenny was last Summer at the Linc. I was sure what to expect, and man, after watching from the Sandbar, I was obsessed. The way he lights up the stage and captures everyone’s attention is like no other.

    Kenny Chesney on stage

  • 6. Tim McGraw/Faith Hill

    Net Worth – 200 Million (Combined)

    Tim and Faith! Country Royalty. “It’s Your Love” is one of my favorite most romantic songs of all time. Obviously, they are both massive singers with many hits, but they have done their fair share of acting too. They recently starred in the Yellowstone prequel 1883.

    Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

  • 5. George Strait

    Net Worth – 300 Million

    It’s pretty crazy that George’s first hit was in 1981 when he was in his 40s! His first single “Unwound” was a hit in 1981. During the 1980s, seven of his albums reached number one on the country charts. In the 2000s, Strait was named Artist of the Decade by the Academy of Country Music, elected into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and won his first Grammy award for the album Troubadour.

    George Strait playing the guitar

  • 4. Toby Keith

    Net Worth – 370 Million

    Fun Fact – Toby has an honorary degree from Villanova University, which he attended from 1979 to 1980. He planned to be a petroleum engineer. In June 2022, Keith announced that he had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Continued prayers and good thoughts to Toby and his recovery.

    Toby Keith plays the guitar on stage

  • 3. Shania Twain

    Net Worth – 410 Million

    She’s back on tour this summer at 57 years old and is one of the biggest tours of the year. “Man! I Feel Like a Women” became such a huge hit after a ton of success on TikTok and a huge new audience found Shania and became fans.

    Shania Twain on stage

  • 2. Garth Brooks

    Net Worth – 430 Million

    Who’s better than Garth? I am still in awe from when I met him at Prospector’s during his Dive Bar Tour in December 2019. He was so chill and nice. Not only has he had massive success, but he’s also a good person who wants everyone to be loved and accepted.
    Garth Brooks on stage

  • 1. Dolly Parton

    Net Worth – 675 Million

    What can you say about the queen herself? There is no one like our Dolly. Everything the woman touches turns to gold and what she does for others is even more special. My friends went to Dollywood this summer and said it was even better than Disney.
    Dolly Parton plays guitar on stage

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