Nicole Michalik

Phillies’ Star Bryce Harper Helps New Jersey Teen With Adorable Promposal

How adorable. Phillies' star Bryce Harper helps New Jersey teen with adorable promposal. In case you need a refresher, "Promposals" have become a "thing" over the last few years. It's when a one student asks the other to be their prom date in a big, creative way. Almost like a real proposal, but obviously there is no marriage. Ha. CLEARWATER, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 22: Bryce Harper #3 of the Philadelphia Phillies poses for a portrait during photo day at BayCare Ballpark on February 22, 2024 in Clearwater, Florida. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) From the looks of the video, it seems like Bryce is pretty familiar with the boy who is asking the girl. From the looks of his social media, they are students at Haddonfield Memorial High School, which from what we know, is where Bryce lives during the Phillies season. Bryce Harper Moved to Nashville According to country music star Connor Smith, Bryce and his wife moved from Las Vegas to Nashville this off-season which is interesting. I interview Connor at the ACM's last week and he told the story about how Cole Swindell put him on a group text with Bryce when Connor was playing a show in Columbus, Ohio. Turns out Bryce was there and he came to hang with Connor and see the show. Connor also said they have been trying to get together to play pickleball. Bryce Harper Gets the Hug First I do love how she hugs Bryce first and calls him "the goat." Ha. She's like, prom definitely won't live up to this. Can you imagine Bryce Harper showing up at door and just knocking? It reminds me of the Halloween after the Eagles won the Super Bowl and Nick Foles went Trick or Treating dressed as an avocado so no one would recognize him. Bryce Harper is a Dad of 3 The Phillies have the best record in baseball right now and Bryce is killing it, so what a time to help a neighbor out. Oh not to mention Bryce also is a Dad of 3. He and his wife Kayla welcomed a new baby girl a few weeks ago. Bryce Harper is a Romantic We haven't see Bryce do much charity around Philly, but it seems like he is quite the romantic. He did admit in a recent GQ interview that he likes to read romance novels. Check out the adorable promposal video below. Bryce looks so short here, doesn't he??