Dolly Parton Teams With Linda Perry For New Duet

Dolly Parton released yet another new track off her upcoming rock and roll album, Rockstar, which will be available on November 17. The new track is a rendition of the '90s 4 Non Blondes hit "What's Up?" which features the song's writer and lead singer, Linda Perry—a song about the overwhelming pressures of the world around us, and the need for release. Dolly said in a statement about the song, "First of all, I love Linda Perry. Second of all, I love this song written by Linda. Third of all, I love being a part of this video to try to make people think about what's going on in this world today. Shout out to the little children that helped with the video! If our children don't make it, then what will? Again, I ask, 'What's Up?' Enjoy." Perry also commented, "How is one supposed to react when the greatest and most prolific songwriter in the world wants to cover a song YOU wrote? Her version of 'What's Up?' is so good. Her spin on it made me feel like it was her song. No surprise there. Being on set making the video was a comfortable, easy experience." [inlink id="dolly-parton-tops-classic-rock-chart" text="RELATED: Dolly Parton Tops Rock Charts With New Song"] Parton [inlink id="dolly-parton-releases-let-it-be-two-former-beatles" text="recently released a track"] off her upcoming Rockstar album today (8/18). The song is a cover of the Beatles' "Let It Be," and the country icon was joined by two of the Beatles: Paul McCartney (vocals/piano) and Ringo Starr (drums). The track also features Peter Frampton (guitar) and Mick Fleetwood (additional percussion). Dolly said, "Well, does it get any better than singing 'Let It Be' with Paul McCartney, who wrote the song? Not only that, he played piano! Well, it did get even better when Ringo Starr joined in on drums, Peter Frampton on guitar, and Mick Fleetwood playing percussion." She added, "I mean, seriously, how much better does it get? Thanks, guys!" [select-gallery gallery_id="571716" syndication_name="dolly-parton-check-out-her-awesome-rockstar-photos" description="no"]

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