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What a beautiful girl, McKinley Hope Kurkjian. Born August 10th at 3:56am.

On August 10th at 3:56 a.m., Jeff and Emily Kurkjian welcomed their baby girl, McKinley Hope, into the world. We are so excited to share this moment and photos with XTU Nation. But first, here was the moment I told the show the big news!

Baby Reveal Ideas

It all started back in February when we found out what was in the “secret box” that was delivered to The Andie Summers Show. This was my creative way of telling them! I actually got Razz on the Radio in on it to make it seem like it was from him!

Here’s the moment we opened the secret box.

Gender Reveal For A Baby Girl

I got the help of a local school to help me out with the big gender reveal to the morning show (and the world in fact). Check out our Classroom Cover of “Lady” by Brett Young and the surprise for Andie, Donnie, and Shannon who were SO excited.

Thank you Sandy Run Middle School for having us for this fun afternoon.

How To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

I have to give some serious credit to Emily, my amazing and beautiful wife, for capturing the moment she told me that she was pregnant. The emotions were running high as you imagine.


When my wife told me we were going to HAVE A BABY! We call this the “Quesadilla Video” #Baby #pregnant

♬ Next Thing You Know - Jordan Davis

Time To Get Serious About The Birth

Emily went into the hospital the evening of Tuesday, August 8th to be induced since she was due all the way back on August 4th and they didn’t want her going past 41 weeks.

We arrived but little did we know that we wouldn’t meet McKinley Hope for another 30 or so hours. Emily had some complications but ultimately, she absolutely crushed it. I am and will always be in shock and awe as to what she did for this family. Never had more respect for every mother on earth since August 10th, truly amazing superheroes, all of them.

Let’s see some pictures of the amazing girl!

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