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When someone you love is in need, thoughts and prayers are expected. But sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to truly help a friend in need.

We have all been there.

You are overwhelmed with life and need but don’t want to ask for help. Maybe you just had a baby. Perhaps you recently lost a loved one. Maybe you are going through a bout of depression and just can’t bring yourself to do everything that needs to be done. And yet – you convince yourself that you are invisible. You feel like you should be able to do everything, even if you know you cannot. That is when a good friend, relative, or neighbor steps in to add a little bit of sunshine to your life by taking something off your plate.

My story

My sister lives two and a half hours away from where she is being treated for the C-word. She and her husband have to make frequent trips to Fox Chase Cancer Center in Northeast Philly. The care is amazing, but the travel takes a huge toll on their minds, their diet, and their wallet. In an effort to give them a little bit of comfort, I spent last weekend making them homemade dinners.

Jeff’s Story

Jeff Kurkjian, of The Andie Summers Show, knows this is a great idea because his wife Emily recently had a baby. When they brought little McKinley home from the hospital, their neighbor stopped by with a tray of homemade lasagna, a big salad with croutons, and two bottles of wine. Jeff said that food lasted them about two weeks.

Donnie’s Story

Donnie, The Andie Summers Show producer, chimed in that food is great, but a person can only eat so much pasta. Donnie recently lost his mom. While he is incredibly appreciative of the food loved ones brought by, he was also grateful for the DoorDash gift cards he received for a change of pace.

Your Story to Help a Friend in Need

XTU Nation stepped up to the task. You called to share some great ideas for creative food items and other ways to help out a loved one in need. Thank you so much for the following …

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