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Eric Church Setlist For Philadelphia: 24 Incredible Songs

Eric Church: The Outsiders Tour is coming to Philadelphia at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion on Saturday, August 26th. Tickets originally went on sale in January, so fans have long waited for this concert. If you don’t have tickets yet, you can purchase tickets here or win them all week long on The Andie Summers Show.

The last time Eric Church was in Philly was during The Gather Again Tour in October of 2022. During the Pennsylvania leg, a COVID outbreak spread throughout Church’s band. In everyone’s best interest, Church performed a solo and acoustic concert for the Philly crowd. Country artists are known for truly appreciating and giving their fans a great show. In bad weather or an absent band, country artists live by the quote, “The show must go on” and that’s because of their love for their fans and a true testament to the power of country music.

Eric Church Could Show Up At Your Tailgate

When you’re tailgating, make sure to keep an eye out for Eric Church. Earlier this summer, at his shows in Pittsburgh and Toronto, Church drove around the parking lot parties and got out to shake hands with some of his biggest fans. So if you’re a huge Eric Church fan keep your eyes peeled because he could be walking among you!

What To Know Before You Go

Cashless: Freedom Mortgage Pavilion is a cashless venue. Parking, merchandise, food & beverage sales will not take cash.

Clear Bag Policy: Bags under 6″X9″ (handbags, belt bags) do not have to be clear. Any bag that is bigger than 6″X9″ must be a clear bag.

Parking: Lots will open at 4 pm. Perfect time to start the party!

Doors: Open at 6 pm

Show Time: Whiskey Meyers will be on at 7:30 pm

XTU Will Be There: Find Razz on the Radio and the XTU crew inside the lobby of Freedom Mortgage Pavillion.

We know that Eric Church will have an amazing show, especially with his incredible 24-song setlist.

Eric Church’s Setlist

  • "Chattanooga Lucy"

    “Oh my, my Chattanooga LucyBreak me easy or bend me bluesyHold on tight or hold on looselyKeep me comin’ around, comin’ around”

  • "Bad Mother Trucker"

    “She is hell on wheels where the road meets the rubber
    A real gear jammer, a white line wonder
    Yeah, you only get one, and I wouldn’t want another
    ‘Cause mama was a bad mother trucker”

  • "Heart on Fire"

    “A turned up radio, but the static was heavyCouldn’t make out any words but “take me to the levee”That look on your face was full of wild desireSoakin’ my soul in gas and settin’ my heart on fire”

  • "Hangin' Around"

    “How you spin, hit the doorGet myself on down the roadI picked my clothes up off the floorAnd on the wind I go”

  • "Drink in My Hand"

    “Early Monday morning, ’til Friday at five
    Man I work, work, work but I don’t climb, climb, climb
    Boss man can shove that overtime up his can
    All I wanna do is put a drink in my hand”

  • "Hell of a View"

    “Ain’t always heaven, babyThis livin’ on the edgeYou holdin’ me holdin’ youIt’s a hell of a view”

  • "Country Music Jesus"

    “There’ll be fire on a mountain
    There’ll be revival and bangin’ drums
    There’ll be screamin’ and there’ll be shoutin’
    When my country music Jesus comes”

  • "Mr. Misunderstood"

    “Hey there, weird kid in your high top shoesSitting in the back of the class, I was just like youAlways left out, never fit inOwning that path you’re walking inMr. Misunderstood”

  • "Mistress Named Music"

    “With a guitar full of freedom and a head full of lines
    That nightlife full of demons has been a hell of a ride
    I got a crazy crazy heart, and I was born to lose it
    Married to a dream with a mistress named music”

  • 'Creepin'"

    Head for the future, Run from the past,“Hide from the mirror, And live in a glass,What dreams forget the whiskey remembers,Kinda like molasses in late December.Just a Creepin’Creepin'”

  • "Ophelia" (The Band cover)

    “Boards on the windowMail by the doorWhat would anybody leave so quickly for?OpheliaHmm, where have you gone?”

  • "Never Break Heart"

    “Don’t let fear steal your brave heart
    Don’t let doubt take your faith heart
    It’s okay to cry
    But don’t never break heart”

  • "Knives of New Orleans"

    “I’m haunted by headlightsAnd a crescent city breezeOne wrong turn on BourbonCuts like the knives of New Orleans”

  • "Livin' Part of Life"

    “So tomorrow I’m takin’ me fishin’Hang a sign on the door of my lifeTell the world that I’ve gone missin’An’ I won’t be back for a while”

  • "Round Here Buzz"

    “Lit up like that one stoplightAcross from that welcome signEver since you caught that out there bugI catch me a ’round here buzz”

  • 'Desperate Man"

  • 'Some Of It"

    “Some of it you learn the hard waySome of it you read on a pageSome of it comes from heartbreak”

  • "Smoke a Little Smoke"

    “Wanna little more right and a little less leftLittle more right now, a little less what’s nextAct like tomorrow’s ten years awayAnd just kick back and let the feelin’ flowDrink a little drink, smoke a little smoke, yeah”

  • "Give Me Back My Hometown"

    “You can have my grandma’s locket
    The knife out of my grandpa’s pocket
    Yeah, my state champion jacket, I don’t care you can have it
    Every made memory, every picture, every broken dream”

  • "Sailin' Shoes" (Little Feat cover)

    “Well I’ve got a line, and you’ve got a poleAnd I’ll meet you at the fishin’ holeYou’ve got to put on your sailin’ shoesPut on your sailing shoes?”

  • "Cold One"

    “Now that was a cold one, I never will get backYeah she had to leave, did she have to leave me one beer short of a twelve pack?She left me hangin’ high and dry in that hell hot summer sunDamn babe, that was a cold one”

  • "Pledge Allegiance to the Hag"

    “An’ tip our hats, an’ raise our glasses of cold, cold beerThey say, country’s fadin’, but we’re still wavin’ that flag ’round hereWhen it’s time to go, you know you’re welcome backWhere the people pledge allegiance to the Hag”

  • "Springsteen"

    “Funny how a melody sounds like a memoryLike a soundtrack to a July Saturday nightSpringsteen”


  • "Holdin' My Own"

    “If the world comes knockingTell ’em I’m not homeI’m finally holdin’ my own”

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