International Whiskey Day is this Sunday (March 27) and is a perfect excuse to have yourself a Sunday Funday. I’ve sampled many whiskeys from around the world. My go to is Jameson and Jack Daniels. I also like several Scotch brands such as Lagavulin and Glenmorangie. The best way to find your favorite is to just try a few and hone your personal taste.

  1. Pour your whiskey into a glass. Select a small glass tumbler, such as a lowball glass. …
  2. Try the whiskey neat before adding water or ice. Before you add anything else to the whiskey, at least sample a little of it in its pure state.
  3. Smell the whiskey 2 or 3 times before tasting it. Put your nose in the glass and take a deep huff. …
  4. Roll the whiskey around in your mouth before swallowing. Don’t just gulp the whiskey down. Take a small sip and move it around on your tongue.
  5. Add a splash of water to enhance the flavor. Add a few drops of fresh, clean water to your whiskey and give it a quick stir with a straw.
  6. Toss in a chunk of ice if you want a refreshing chill. …
  7. Take your time finishing your drink. Since part of the appeal of whiskey is its flavor, you’ll probably get the most out of it if you sip it slowly …

Enjoy your whiskey and drink responsibly.


Check out these five Philly spots to celebrate:

  • Fette Sau

    fette sau

    Frankford Ave, Philadelphia

    Tennessee Whiskey: There’s no better place to celebrate international whiskey day than at Fette Sau, where they offer over two-hundred whiskeys to choose from. Check out the dry-rubbed meat smoked inhouse, beer & whiskey served in industrial-rustic digs with picnic tables. Try a house favorite—The Tennessee Whiskey–where the bourbons are charcoal-mellowed slowly, drop by drop, filtered through sugar-maple charcoal-prior to aging. This infuses a sweet character into the distillate as it removes impurities.

  • Steak48

    bourbon in glass

    South Broad Street, Philadelphia

    Exclusive Single Barrel Blanton’s Bourbon: speaking of International Whiskey Day, the owners of Steak48 purchased two barrels of pre-aged, un-blended whiskey and aged and curated its flavor profiles to pair with menu items. What better way to celebrate National Whiskey Day than with Steak48’s very on exclusive whiskey blend that isn’t available anywhere else in the world

  • Dolce Italian

    dolce italian

    Chestnut Street, Philadelphia

    “Lion’s Tail” cocktail: It’s International Whiskey Day! Head over to Dolce Italian, a chic homecoming at the new W Hotel. Indulge in the elevated, yet approachable Italian cuisine, matched with an Italian-inspired aperitifs, cocktails, and digestifs by night. . Leave your worries at home and enjoy their renowned Lion’s Tail including maker’s mark liquor, allspice dram, lime and bitters.

  • Southwark


    4th Street, Philadelphia

    “Yeah, F*** You Too” cocktail: With the best rye selection in the city, and some may argue the country, Southwark is the perfect place to celebrate International Whiskey Day. Treat yourself to Southwark’s cocktail infused made with Rittenhouse Rye, Amaro Braulio, Demerara, and Absinthe Rinse.

  • The Twisted Tail

    twisted tail

    2nd Street, Philadelphia

    “WOM Old Fashioned” cocktail: Sip, savor and socialize at The Twisted Tail for International Whiskey Day where you can enjoy a taste of the South, blues, and bourbon. The rustic horseshoe bar offers more than 50 variations of whiskey to choose from but don’t forget to try the WOM Old Fashion, made with whiskey of the month, raw sugar, bitters, and citrus

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