92.5 XTU Anniversary Show 2024

92.5 XTU Anniversary Show 2024

92.5 XTU Anniversary Show 2024

Lainey Wilson Setlist: XTU’s 40th Anniversary Show

XTU’s 40th Anniversary Show

Here at 92.5 XTU, we are celebrating 40 years in radio. That’s 40 incredible years of country music. From George Strait and Dolly Parton to Luke Combs, Lainey Wilson and everyone in-between. Country music wouldn’t survive without it’s fans and we couldn’t survive this life without country music. Its the playlist we throw on when we’re driving with the windows down, the tunes we listen to on the beach, the soundtrack that cures a broken heart, and the music that makes beer taste better.

On June 14th at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion, join 92.5 XTU and XTU Nation for a day filled with live country music. We’re kicking off the day with special performances from our side stage by Restless Road, Huntergirl, Chris Lane and more! Zach Top and Ian Munsick will open for our headliner and CMA Entertainer of the Year Winner, Lainey Wilson.

How To Get Your Tickets

XTU’s 40th Anniversary Show is Friday, June 14th. Here’s how to secure your pair of tickets to the all-day concert.

  • Find us at one of our many Ticket Runs to win your tickets on site all over the Delaware Valley!
  • Win your tickets on air. Stream 92.5XTU anywhere you go with the 92.5 XTU app!
  • Buy your tickets now at ticketmaster.com

Dress Like Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson is known for her sense of style and it seems that there is one article of clothing she can’t seem to leave the house without… her bellbottoms!

Grab your fringe vests, your cowboy boots, and your flared or bellbottomed jeans and get ready to party! If you can’t find those items in your closet, Andie Summers has you covered. Find more Lainey-styled inspiration here.

Lainey Wilson Setlist

If you’re heading to XTU’s 40th Anniversary Show with Lainey Wilson on June 14th, check out her amazing setlist for the celebratory night!

Lainey Wilson’s Setlist is subject to change without notice.

  • "Hold My Halo"

    “Gonna tear up this town like a drunk tornado
    Light it up, let it all go
    Tell that angel inside of me to hide her wings and lay low
    Hold my halo”

  • "Hilbilly Hippie"

    All peace and love up until I ain’tWillied up with a whiskey drankHillbilly hippieAll day long”

  • "Road Runner"

    Baby, I’m a roadrunnerHeads Carolina, tails TimbuktuThere ain’t no wonderNobody’s had enough, get up and go in their boots”

  • "WWDD"

    W-W-D-DThat’s the bottom line for meMy go-to compass and my golden ruleWhen life rings my southern bellI just gotta ask myself, hellWhat would Dolly do?”

  • "Smell Like Smoke"

    If I look a little drunk, it’s ’cause I drank someIf my neck’s a little red, it’s ’cause I am oneHeaven’s where I’m gonna go, the Bible says so on my shelfBut if I smell like smoke, it’s only ’cause I’ve been through hell”

  • "Watermelon Moonshine"

    Drinkin’ watermelon moonshineWe cut the burn with a little limeParkin’ back in them kudzu vinesI was his and every bit of that boy was mine”

  • "Strawberry Wine" Deana Carter Cover

    Like strawberry wine and seventeenThe hot July moon saw everythingMy first taste of love, oh bittersweetGreen on the vineLike strawberry wine”

  • "Wildflowers and Wild Horses"

    I’m four-fifths of reckless and one-fifth of jackI push like a daisy through old sidewalk cracksYeah, my kinda crazy’s still runnin’ its courses withWildflowers and wild horses”

  • "Weak-End"

    Everybody wants somebody on the weekendA go sit at a bar have a drink withA neon bad decision they could leave withAnd I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t”

  • "Hang Tight Honey"

    “Hang tight honey I’m a white line running down a dream on a long-lost highwayMe and this band playing one-night stands for some fans getting straight up sidewaysBut baby I miss your blue-collar kissJust one more day to get through

    Hang tight honey got a pocket full of moneyAnd I’m headed straight home to you”
  • "Atta Girl"

    He mighta took your love, mighta took your timeAnd the rug out from under your worldBut he can’t take all your happinessGo and get it now, atta girl”

  • "Those Boots (Deddy's Song"

    One day they’ll walk me down the aisle
    I pray everyday, one day I will
    Find a man to fill
    Those boots”

  • "Grease"

    It’s been a long, hot summerFor a hard working John Deere manYou’re real tired, well, no wonder‘Cause you earned that farmer’s tan”

  • "Rolling Stone"

    But, baby, my heart runs wild and freeYou gotta know ‘fore you fall for meLike a feather in the wind, I could be goneYou don’t give a rock to a rolling stone”

  • "What's Up" 4 Non Blondes Cover

    And so I wake in the morning and I step outside
    And I take a deep breath and I get real high
    And I scream from the top of my lungs
    “What’s going on?”

  • "Wait In The Truck"

    I don’t know if he’s an angel‘Cause angels don’t do what he didHe was hellbent to find the man behindAll the whiskey scars I hid”

  • "Heart Like A Truck"

    I got a heart like a truckIt’s been drug through the mudRuns on dreams and gasolineAnd that ole highway holds the keyIt’s got a lead foot down when it’s leaving”

  • Encore: "Save Me"

    I’m a lost causeBaby, don’t waste your time on meI’m so damaged beyond repairLife has shattered my hopes and my dreams”

  • Encore: "Never Say Never"

    I never say never with youI end up together with youIt’s hell and it’s heaven with you, baby”

  • Encore: "Country's Cool Again"

    Must be something in the water flowing out of the hollerBlue collar must’ve caught a new windDoggone, dadgum it, didn’t see that comingCountry’s cool again”

  • Encore: "Things A Man Oughta Know"

    I can hook a trailer on a two-inch hitchI can shoot a shotgun, I can catch a fishI can change a tire on the side of a roadYeah, I know a few things a man oughta know”

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