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A teacher got a tattoo of her student’s artwork and it is just as beautiful as the story behind it. Scroll through to read the story and see the photos/videos.

Teachers. They mean so much to each of us. Whether you loved school or hated it. Whether you were valedictorian or at the bottom of your class. If you think back to your school days, I bet you can think of a teacher who made an impact on you. And I think, a lot of the time, the teacher does not realize whatever it is that happened, what they said or what they did left a lasting impression on you.

On the other hand …

If you talk to a teacher, a teacher who really loves what they do and who they do it for, you will hear story after story of students who do the same thing for their teacher. We are all human, and human interaction on any level is going to make an impact. Sometimes it is good. Sometimes it is not so good. But we learn and we move on.

Let me tell you about one teacher who was so moved by a student, she did not just let him leave an impression on her mind, her heart, her soul. She made sure this student’s gesture left a permanent, physical mark on her. It is a constant visual reminder of the goodness of the soul.

Taylor Buckner is a teacher. One day, Ms. Buckner walked into school and she saw a student with a beautiful blue butterfly made out of paper. When she commented on how beautiful she thought the butterfly was, the student told her the butterfly’s name is “Larry,” and he wanted to give Larry to her.

It gets even better.

Ms. Buckner put Larry on the back of her phone, and at the end of the day she showed it to her boss who seemed to melt right in front of her. Ms. Buckner’s boss said the student told her he was going to give Larry to “the most beautiful person.”

All together, now: Awwwww.

Ms. Buckner was so touched, she got Larry tattooed on her arm. You have to see how beautiful this tattoo is and hear her student’s reaction when she showed him.

Teacher Gets Tattoo of Student’s Artwork

You’ve gotta see this!

  • The Gift

    Taylor Buckner was so impressed by her student’s artwork. But what makes this special is her idea of what to do with it …

  • Introducing Larry

    The public has spoken! Everyone on TikTok wants to see Larry.

  • Larry the Tat

    Good decision, Ms. Buckner. Larry is absolutely beautiful on your phone, and even more beautiful on your arm!

  • The Unveiling

    Larry the butterfly is beautiful! But Ms. Buckner’s reaction to seeing him without the second skin is pure joy.


  • Student's Reaction

    The day has finally arrived. Ms. Buckner takes Larry (and her arm) to school to introduce him to the student who created him. This is adorable.


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