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Thanksgiving Travel Tips. Can you take that turkey on the plane with you?

There is nothing like a nice, big Thanksgiving dinner. Especially if you don’t have to host! No clean-up before or after. You don’t have to try to time the roasting of the turkey with the mashing of the potatoes and baking of the green bean casserole. That is the worst part!

I remember Thanksgiving when I was young. It was all hands on deck because my mom hosted, and that is why she had children. (That is what I used to think. No one else had to do the chores I had to do growing up!) As the youngest in the family, my job was to set the table. That entailed polishing the good silver, ironing and folding the cloth napkins, and making sure the glasses didn’t have spots. It was my 9-year-old nightmare. I’m still getting over it.

But I digress. Back to you …

So, you lucked out and got the invitation. Now you are headed to Grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving. Yay! But you are not going to arrive empty-handed, right? Your mom taught you better than that! So, how do you get the goods from home to wherever you are going? That is the challenge.

If you are driving, you can pack it in ice. But if you are flying … well … that creates a whole other problem. What you need are some Thanksgiving travel tips.

According to, you can, indeed, bring most of the Thanksgiving trimmings along with you on your flight – and some can travel with you in the overhead bin. (Not that you will be in the overhead bin. Your food will be. You will be seated in a very small seat with no legroom, but hopefully, you get an armrest.)

Thanksgiving Travel Tips

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