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The Andie Summers Show Favorite Cheesesteaks

Jim’s Steaks Reopens

The iconic Jim’s Steaks on South Street has finally reopened their doors after a devasting fire in 2022. Our city was missing one of their greatest pieces that tie us together. While we were mourning melted cheese over steak, the owner, Ken Silver, was working hard rebuilding his establishment for the city.

On May 1st, Philly celebrated outside of Jim’s Steaks for their grand opening. What we discovered is that Jim’s may look the same on the outside, but you’ll find some new differences on the inside. Don’t worry, their menu stayed the same!

South Street is full of gems, one of them being Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. They collaborated with Jim’s to create a beautiful expansion of the restaurant. Cheesesteak lovers can now dine and enjoy their delicious steak inside a mosaic inspired by the museum on the same street. See photos here.

Who Has The Best Cheesesteak?

It’s the greatest debate in Philly. Who has the best cheesesteak and why is it your favorite? Maybe you’ve attached a wonderful memory to it. Maybe you can’t get over their melted cheese and perfect roll. Or maybe you appreciate the history of that joint’s cheesesteak. Knowing how stubborn us Philadelphian’s can be, especially when it comes to our cheesesteaks, I’m sure this argument has caused riffs in some relationships.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your favorite cheesesteak isn’t the most delicious thing in the world. All cheesesteaks are beautiful in their own way. Most importantly, remember their made from people who share a common interest with you – That Philadelphia is the greatest city.

The Andie Summers Show Favorite Cheesesteaks

I asked The Andie Summers Show who makes their favorite cheesesteak. Will this cause some chaos? Of course! I think you’ll be surprised what didn’t make the list.

  • Andie Summers: Jim's Steaks

    The greatest cheesesteak joint in the world is Jim’s. Period. I cannot imagine that ever being challenged.
    My sister Debbie first introduced Jim’s to me after an Eagles game one Sunday afternoon. Granted, anything would have tasted good that day because the Eagles won, the place was packed with fans, and it was the epitome of Brotherly Love. That is Jim’s. When it burned down I cried. And today I rejoice.

  • Jeff Kurkjian: Mama's Pizzeria

    Where do I even start? I mean, their cheesesteaks were so good that they literally stopped serving pizza. And “pizzeria” is in their name!! Is it the roll? Yeah, it could be cause it’s amazing. But really it’s the cook of the steak with the melted cheese, WOW. Plus, don’t sleep on getting their chicken cheesesteak. Just trust me. In fact, a coworker and I have been, one gets steak, the other gets chicken, cut them in half then split! So good. 

  • Donnie Black: Jim's Steaks

    I was introduced to Jim’s when my buddy lived on 3rd and Bainbridge and Jim’s was walking distance.  Right after college, we used to go out on South Street every weekend and we had to make a stop at Jim’s before we came home.  I have so many memories of waiting in the long line and talking to everyone in line about whatever Philly sports team was playing at the time or the whole crowd would sing whatever song was on the radio inside Jim’s. 

  • Shannon: Steve's Prince of Steaks

    I’ve always preferred sliced steak over chopped when it comes to my cheesesteaks. That’s why Steve’s is my favorite, specifically the one located on Roosevelt Boulevard. As a Northeast Philly girl, this was a staple of my childhood. American wit out. Now, I’m getting hungry!

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