Aerial View of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Magazine recently compiled a list of The Worst of Philly – 20 things that are cringeworthy about Philly. From the worst Wawa snack (the soft pretzel) to the worst former athlete (Pete Ross) the list is extensive and you can see it here. We thought we’d come up with some items that aren’t necessarily the WORST, but if they went away we wouldn’t complain. Behold THE SECOND WORST THINGS ABOUT PHILLY.

  • Parking for a Concert at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion

    No matter how early you leave, you will undoubtedly sit in traffic trying to get to a parking lot. ANY parking lot. Seriously

  • Local TV News is Weather Obsessed

    I want to know the weather, but it seems like that’s all the local TV news stations want to hype. Rain!  Snow! Heat!  Whatever the weather, it’s the “big story tonight.”

  • Seasonal Renters At The Shore

    You are not a local.  Let’s be clear here.  You rented a house for the summer.  When you post on social media that all these “tourists” are ruining your summer, pipe down!  By definition, a local is :belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood, typically exclusively so.  Key word EXCLUSIVELY. 

  • Losing Parking Because Of All The Outdoor Dining

    Don’t get me wrong!  I  love outdoor dining, I really do but if you’ve been in the city in the past two years you’ve see many restaurants take part in the urban sprawl.  By that I mean they pull tables to the sidewalk and into the street.  That eliminates a ton of street parking, already tough to find in the city.

  • All The Philly Hate

    Look, we love Philadelphia!  Sometimes we get a little squirrelly about it, but the love is real.  What’s up with all the hate for the City of Brotherly love lately?  Even from our own people?!  Rudest City ring a bell?  You gotta love yourself first if you ever want anyone to love you, right?We LOVE Philly!


    Love Park

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