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The internet can be a vast wasteland of nonsense. For instance, I went online to check out highlights from the latest 76ers game, 3 hours later, I’m watching a video of a monkey playing in a kiddie pool with a bunch of baby ducks!

BUT, once in awhile, the internet surprises us with some useful information. Reddit users were asked “what’s a safety tip everyone should know about?” Some of these you may already know, but many may surprise you…

  • In these cold times, don’t drive wearing anything you couldn’t walk a half mile in.

    Getty Images/Spencer Platt/Staff

  • Sharp knives are usually safer to use.

    Getty Images/Ian Forsyth/Stringer

  • If you find yourself hurt in a public place, direct your pleas to one person, not to the crowd.

    Getty Images/Lynn Grieveson/Stringer

  • Check and clean out the lint collector in your dryer regularly.

    Getty Images/Spencer Platt/Staff

  • DO NOT pull objects (knife, glass, splinter, etc.) from a deep wound. They might be sealing or slowing flow from an artery or they might cut an artery when you pull them out.

    Getty Images/Christian Augustin/Stringer

  • If your child goes missing in your home, first check any spots that would be dangerous for them to be, then check their common hiding spots.

    Getty Images/Adam Berry/Stringer

  • When crossing the street at night, turn on your phone's flashlight and point it toward oncoming traffic.

    Getty Images/Casey Sykes/Stringer

  • Don't move someone injured unless there is an imminent danger to them.

    Getty Images/Leopoldo Smith/Stringer

  • If you think you're being followed turn right four times. Since you'll get to the same place they shouldn't be following you anymore.

    Getty Images/Scott Olson/Staff

  • If you’re being tied up, make yourself as big as possible so it’ll be easier to wiggle out.

    Getty Images/Denis De Marney/Stringer