Candy Corn is evil.  There, I said it.  I won’t back down.  Now, before you come at me, let me explain – I get that there are some people that think candy corn is the best part of Halloween. Freaks that you are.  Then there are those of us…who just think it’s gross.  I don’t even like when they throw it into trail mix.  Why ruin a perfectly good trail mix?!

If you asking how I KNOW candy corn is evil?  It’s made of bugs!  Seriously.  According to an article in USA Today, “confectioners’ glaze” that coats the colorful treat contains “lac-resin” — a goo that a tropical critter called the lac bug secretes to protect itself.    I don’t care if Halloween is supposed to be scary, I’m not eating bug-covered candy.  Ever.  For the record: before it was called Candy Corn, the original name was Chicken Feed.  Now doesn’t that sound yummy?